Alice had a difficult year last year filled with fear for her health, anger about not being able to see her family, and general negativity about her finances.

When the energy in your home is not aligned with your desires it can be overwhelming. If the energy in your home is negative or stagnant it will impact all areas of your life including your peace of mind. wealth, passion, health, and your good fortune.

The energy within you also influences your mindset, health, and good fortune. What do you do for yourself that uplifts you? Do you spend time in nature, move your body, eat healthy foods, or meditate?

Chinese New Year brings an opportunity for a new beginning, the time is ripe for change.

This year Chinese New Year begins on February 12th. In addition to choosing positive thoughts, you can prepare by implementing the Chinese New Year secrets below.

It is believed that what you do on New Year’s Day sets the tone for your entire year. Do you want happiness, prosperity, good health, and peace of mind? Then it is time to do something that makes you feel that way on February 12th. Spend time in nature, move your body, listen to music, engage in a creative project.  It is a time to celebrate, enjoy yourself, and hold a positive vision for the year ahead. Avoid activities that you do not want more of in the new year such as arguing, making clutter, and ignoring your desires

Here are the 10 Chinese New Year Secrets to Good Fortune

Do These Before New Year’s Day

Secret # 1 – Make way for something new by clearing clutter and cleaning your SPACE so fresh opportunities and Good Fortune can find you. If your space is messy and cluttered there is no room for your good fortune to land.

Check the clutter in your home, purse, wallet, computer, files, car, and office. Clean your refrigerator of expired foods, old meats or produce, and wipe the shelves and drawers.

Clean your windows and mirrors.

Secret # 2 – Make sure all the trash and recycling are emptied on New Year’s Eve not on New Year’s Day. The activities that you do on New Year’s Day set the tone for the coming year and you do not want to spend the entire year taking out the trash, right?

Secret # 3 – Wear something new that is red for good fortune. It could be a bracelet, ribbon, a shirt, or something hidden like underwear.

Secret # 4 – Pay off as many of your debts as possible and all your current bills in full. This sets the intention of being debt free in the New Year

Secret # 5 – Fill your pantry and refrigerator with healthy and delicious foods to affirm longevity and vibrant health.

Secret # 6 – Oranges and tangerines are symbols for abundant happiness. Display them in a bowl or tray on your dining table or in your kitchen. When you place them feel yourself being abundantly happy.

Secret # 7 – Bring flowers into your home. Flowers are believed to be symbolic of wealth and high positions in one’s career. Flowers elevate the energy flow in your space bringing good vibes to you.  Often you will see potted blooming chrysanthemum in the stores at Chinese New Year time. A fresh bouquet of your favorite flowers is great too.

Secret # 8 – Treat yourself to a new purse or wallet and fill it with cash.

Secret # 9 – Feed the birds, they symbolize the bringing of “good news” and they lift the happiness chi around the house or office. If you don’t have a bird feeder you can put birdseed on the ground in a place where you can see the birds eating.

Secret # 10 – On New Year’s Eve open the front door to let out all last year’s energy and all that goes with it. Ring bells to remove any negative energy as you usher it out the front door. Next, invite in the Good Fortune of the New Year to enter your home.

You can choose to do the secrets that you believe will have the most impact for you first. If you feel overwhelmed by everything on this list remember it is about progress not perfection.

Alice is starting today with secret #1 because she believes clearing clutter will open the pathway for all she wants to find her this year.

Your thoughts and actions impact your Good Fortune now and in the future. You have a chance to join Alice in preparing for the new year and your Good Fortune by implementing one or all of the secrets.

Wishing you a year of Good Fortune.

Nancy Dadami is a Flow Recovery Specialist, Feng Shui Expert, and an Artist. She teaches empaths, authors, artists, and healers how to get better flow faster, tap into their inner magnificence and create a life of beauty, self-awareness, and peace.

10 Chinese New Year Secrets to Good Fortune
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