Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the extra tasks on your ‘To Do List' as you prepare for the holidays? Do you wonder how you will get everything done while taking care of your personal practices? How do you make time and energy for those important tasks without giving away your personal nourishing time?

During stressful times like these it is more important than ever to focus on two areas of the Bagua and implement Feng Shui Tips below. The two Bagua areas to assess are Knowledge/Wisdom and Family. The Knowledge/Wisdom area includes your Inner Magnificence, spiritual awareness, self-improvement and stillness which all offer support during trying times. The Family area includes current and future family members, family health, family harmony, ancestors, community, group support and strength.

Take a look around, what items do you have in those areas? Furniture, clutter, plants, beautiful art. Whatever is there is supporting you or draining you of your vital energy and peace of mind. The items in this area of your home influence your current and future experiences with yourself and family.  It is worth a good look around in this area. The items in that area influence your  peace, harmony, health, cooperation, and fun.


Tip #1 – Decide what you want, in as much detail as possible. Give yourself 10 minutes to dream of your ideal holiday season. What does it look like? What does it feel like? How do you see yourself in your dream?

Tip #2 – See it happening, feel it as if it has already happened. How will you feel when your dream is just like you imagine? Bathe yourself in those feelings

Tip #3 – Clear any clutter from your home, especially the “knowledge/wisdom” and “family” bagua areas of your home. If you only take one action from this list, clearing clutter is by far the most important action you can take. Clutter is the most draining force to any area of the bagua. Wherever I see clutter I know there is a problem in one or more areas of your life.

Tip #4 Do one good deed each day. You will not only help another, your actions will uplift you.

Tip #5 – Take time to fill yourself up. Our giving is much fuller when we give from the place of fullness. What makes you feel recharged? A walk-in nature, listening to music, taking a hot bath, talking to a friend, reading a good book, meditating, going to the gym, or meeting with a friend?

Tip #6 – Decorate the entrance to your home with lights, wreath, ornaments or live plants.

Tip #7 – Decorate the inside of your home, with lights, shiny decorations, and live plants. If you have a Christmas tree the “family” area of your home is a good place to put it.

Tip #8 – Use scents of the season, like evergreen boughs, mulled cider, frankincense and myrrh, spices, peppermint, and others that you like.

Tip #9 – Energize the house before people arrive by burning incense, offering blessings and prayers, saying your intentions out loud in the room, and play uplifting music

Tip #10 – Celebrate and treat yourself to a hot bath, a soothing massage, or a cup of tea. Congratulations on a job well done.

Everything is accomplished with small steps done consistently. I know you can  make a difference this holiday by taking action to increase peace in your life one step at a time. As you increase your peace you influence the peace in others which adds to  peace in the world.

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Nancy Dadami is a Feng Shui Specialist, Creativity Strategist, and Speaker. She teaches open-minded people to live in “the flow” and align with their Inner Magnificence so they can build confidence, magnetize what they want, and thrive as their authentic self in the world”.


10 Feng Shui Tips to Increase Peace During The Holidays

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