You may already be experiencing the transition into the Year of the Water Snake. The shift from one year to the next creates the energy of change and may bring new opportunities or challenges in your personal or professional life. I have talked with clients that have been fired, been recruited for a new position, resolved problems with family, and filed for divorce. Change is in the air.

On February 10, 2013 the Water Snake year begins which brings possibility for new beginnings and a definite shift in the energies that surround each of us.
As we say farewell to the Year of the Water Dragon we also prepare to welcome the New Year of the Water Snake.

Here are some Feng Shui tips that are designed to ease your transition and welcome the energies of the Water Snake year
  1. Make way for the new by clearing clutter and cleaning your SPACE, so new opportunities, good luck  and good fortune can find you.  Include your home, purse, wallet, computer, files, car and office. Yes I said computer, you know all those files you have on there, it is time to purge those that you do not really need and organize the others.
  2. Make sure the trash and recycling are emptied on New Year's Eve no on New Year's Day. Whatever you do on New Year's Day (February 10, 2013) is believed to set the tone for the entire year. You do not want to spend the entire year taking out the trash, right?
  3. Wash your mirrors and clean your windows. Your windows are believed to be your eyes in the world. You want to be able to see clearly all year long.
  4. Wear something new on New Year's Day, especially something red. Red is the color of good fortune. Your red could be something hidden as well, such as underwear.
  5. Pay off as many debts as possible and all current bills in full. This sets the intention of being debt free in the New Year.
  6. Fill your pantry and refrigerator with healthy and delicious foods to set the tone for vibrant health and longevity.
  7. Bring healthy round-leafed plants into your space to uplift the energy of the New Year. Blooming plants are especially good for uplifting energy/chi.
  8. Treat yourself to a new purse or wallet and fill it with lots of cash. Start the New Year with lots of money in your wallet showing your intention to have plenty of cash in the year of the Water Snake.
  9. Feed the birds, they symbolize the bringing of “good news” and they lift the happiness energy/chi around the house and office. This is a suggestion for all year long as the birds bring good news and happiness whenever they are present.
  10. On New Year's Eve open the front door to let out all of last year's energy and ring bells or gong to blast away any negative chi and welcome the energy of the Water Snake.

As you look at the list do the tips that you feel drawn to do, they will create the most positive results for you. If you are drawn to all of them, great and if not be willing to follow your inner guidance. Wishing you a smooth transition and a Happy New Year.

Feel free to share this information with friends and family.

Nancy Dadami ~  Design Detective  ~ Sacred Space Mentor  
10 Feng Shui Tips to Welcome the Year of the Water Snake

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