You only get one chance to make a first impression with your event, make a good one using Feng Shui

How long does it take guests to create a first impression of your event? Clients and guests form an opinion of your event in the first thirty seconds. A quick glance and they decide if they will be able to enjoy themselves, fully participate, and be comfortable in the environment. The success of your event is determined by the impressions the guests make when they first arrive. Your success or failure as an event planner depends on the guests and your clients. You have only one opportunity to make a great first impression. Designing the look and feel of your event space with holistic Feng Shui principles in mind will ensure a great first impression and a winning event.

What do you need to know to ensure a great first impression at your event? Did you know that 93% of the information guests use to make a first impression is done with no verbal communication. It is all about the appearance, presentation and feeling of the space. Their impressions begin as soon as they enter the space. What is the first thing they see? Beautiful artwork, lush green plants, a crystal chandelier or a dimly lit foyer, crowded entrance and no sign of anything alive anywhere. You want to leverage your space to ensure your guests are excited, confident, and ready to mingle and have fun.

The appearance and presentation are probably easy for you; after all you are an event planner. The feeling component may be more difficult because it has to do with the invisible, you can’t see it but you can influence the feeling by using Feng Shui principles.

5 Feng Shui tips to ensure a successful event:

  1. Make sure the entrance  to the event is attractive and appealing to guests. Several lush plants, beautiful artwork, and/or a water feature could be used to create a pleasing welcome. The entrance sets the tone and expectations of what is to come. Your entrance can build excitement for what is to come so guests are enthusiastic about getting inside.
  2. The registration table is a beacon for guests and shows them the way to your event. Set it up so it attracts the attention of the guests. The table should be placed to face the entrance as the guests arrive so the registration agents are behind the table and also facing the entrance.  This makes the guests feel confident that everything is taken care of and they can relax and enjoy themselves.
  3. Place a fresh flower arrangement on the registration table and arrange some large lush green plants on the floor to the sides or back of the registration table to ensure enthusiasm and confidence for the guests. Beauty has the power to inspire and bring a feeling of abundance.
  4. Check the lighting. The entrance and the registration table should be well lighted.  Great lighting adds to the feeling of pleasure and enjoyment. Make use of as much natural light as possible, it smooths the transition between the entrance, the table and the event. If the entrance and registration are dimly lit you may have grumpy, unhappy guests that isolate themselves and don't mingle. Bring in more light if you need it.
  5. Choose colors for the registration table cover and accessories that complement the feeling you are creating. Red, orange, and yellow are fire and earth colors and bring warmth and excitement. Green, blue and purple are water and wood colors and bring coolness and comfort. A spot of red at the registration table (if only a flower) enhances the enthusiasm and excitement for guests.

Whether your event goal is to celebrate a wedding, generate money for a charity, or honor someone special the first impression your guests make will determine your level of success or failure. Next time you are planning an event put holistic Feng Shui principles to work for you and create an event that generates great first impressions. You will have enthusiastic guests, satisfied clients and personal success

5 Feng Shui Tips for a Successful Event

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