We learned in science classes that everything is vibrating, even when we cannot see the vibration. So if everything is vibrating that includes you and me. You  have an energy vibration or vibe going on within all the time and that vibe matches your thoughts and feelings. You are attracting events and people into your life that match the vibe you are sending out. If you want something different , you have to change your thinking. Here are three tips to help you get more of what you want and less of what you don't want.

Tip #1 ~ Decide what you want. What you really want, thinking only about your desires and dreams”big” without concern for how it might happen or what you would have to do or who would help you. This is only about what you want.   Clarity at this step is important. What I find when coaching clients is that they spend more time talking about what they do not want than what they do want. An example, Marcy said she wanted to write a book and then told me all the reasons why should could not do it, I don’t have time, I have two children and they keep me busy, I have a full-time job, etc. She spent about 30 seconds telling me what she wanted (writing a book) and 3 minutes telling me why it could not happen. Her dominant vibe was all about why it could not happen. This type of thinking creates vibes that resist what she really wants, writing a book. Her excuses are her dominant vibe and that vibe is  keeping it from happening.

Tip #2 ~ Give attention to your dreams and desires. You do that by speaking  positive words, taking positive actions, and. thinking positive thoughts.  You can choose where you put your focus and attention. What happens if you nitce that you are off track by thinking a limiting thought. Congratulations you have discovered your personal awareness and as soon as you notice that your attention is not where you want it you can shift it to focus back on your desire. With new awareness Marcy, in the example above, could put attention and focus on writing her book by taking positive action, speaking positive words, and thinking positive thoughts. At the same time she could give less attention to what she thinks is limiting her, bringing her dream closer to reality.

Tip #3 ~ Visualize and feel your desire as if it has already happened. This is the step that elevates your vibe to match the vibe you will have when the desire manifests. Take the time to do this step even for 30 seconds or a few minutes several times a day. See yourself in your desire and feel the feelings of success. Your feelings  also create your  vibes.  Your vibes are constantly being broadcast out into the Universe. It is your vibes acting like a magnet that attract people, places and things that match the vibe you send out. The good news is that you can choose what vibe you send out with awareness of your spoken words, actions, and thoughts.

What do you want to manifest and how are you giving it attention and focus? It would be great to hear from you.

3 Tips for Getting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't Want

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    Great tips will definitely keep them in mind throughout my own ‘LOA’ journey! Thanks..Daniella =)

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