What are you saying yes to? Growing your business, building wealth, creating more fulfilling relationships, living a healthy lifestyle, focusing on personal growth, peace of mind, or living a life with meaning.

You can have whatever you say yes to. But there is a secret and that is what I want to share with you here. I discovered the secret on my way to opening to my yes.

This is the thing we trick ourselves into thinking we are creating a healthy lifestyle, growing our business, or creating more fulfilling relationships.

But what is really happening is, we are saying yes to whatever we are doing.

Your Yes is what you do, not what you think you do or what you imagine you do.

For example, I said I wanted a healthier lifestyle, yet instead of meditating I turned on my computer to check social media first thing in the morning. Instead of exercising I would get involved writing an article, calling clients or creating products. I often chose (notice past tense) chocolate, cookies or potato chips for a snack instead of fruit or nuts.  By doing those activities before my most important Yes, which is me, I forgot to take care of me. All that other “stuff” became my yes.

My awareness led me to realize I was not living the healthy lifestyle I wanted.

What you are doing is your yes. You are doing your yes.

Right now, my most important Yes, is to live a healthy life. There are choices to make that align with that desire.

For me a healthy lifestyle includes meditating, exercising and eating healthy foods. It also includes writing because when I write I get thoughts from my chattering mind onto paper where I learn more about myself.

I am saying yes to painting because when I paint I shift my vibration into a higher place. I enter the quiet place of my Soul self and become one with the paint and canvas. It is as if I show up at the front of the canvas and my Soul shows up at the back of the canvas where a dance begins.

I am also saying yes to creativity because that is where the yes lives. In the stillness where we connect with our intuition and guidance. The place where creative solutions are born. Where we release limiting beliefs and say yes to what it is we want

What is it that you are saying yes to? Not sure, look at what you are doing and your yes will be revealed to you.

You are in charge of your yes.

You get to decide what you want and what you do.

Your thoughts and beliefs are a part of your choices. Sometimes your thoughts limit your potential and possibilities.

Your thoughts are either positive and uplifting or they are negative and draining to you. Those thoughts live within you and are also present in your surroundings.

Just as a picture is drawn by an artist, surroundings are created by the activities of the mind…. Buddha

3 Ways Feng Shui Can Help

Here are 3 ways to open to your yes and create the life you want using Feng Shui Principles.

#1 – Energy space clearing which uplifts the energy in your surroundings and fills your space with light, positivity and possibilities.

The clearing releases the energy of all the people that have lived, worked or visited your space, their fears, anger, depression or communication problems.  It also releases spirits there that may feel stuck between heaven and earth, and energies in your surroundings that may be holding you back. You will be able to feel the difference; your space will be peaceful. One client said she felt like she had been on a wonderful vacation after an energy space clearing. She was happy, relaxed and more confident

#2 – Feng Shui consultation which aligns your surroundings with your intentions. Boosts your confidence, clarity and courage to go for what you want. Creates more ease and flow in your life. A floor plan reading reveals where energy is not flowing, causing you to struggle. You receive Feng Shui adjustments personalized for your situation. Your surroundings are infused with your deepest desires.

#3 – Combination of both an Energy Space Clearing and a Feng Shui Consultation which clears negative energy and spirits from your home and fills it with light, love and peace. Add a Feng Shui Consultation and you align your space with your intentions and fill your surroundings with your sincere dreams and desires.

How are you planning to open to your yes? Awareness is the first step. The next step is to take positive action to manage the energy of your surroundings to free you up to go for your dreams and desires.

Nancy Dadami is a Feng Shui Specialist, Creatively Fit Coach, and Artist. She teaches artists, writers, coaches and healers to arrange their surroundings to support their vision, so they live in “the flow”  and manifest their intentions.

3 Ways Feng Shui Helps You Say Yes To What You Want

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