Recently, I was working on a Feng Shui consultation with a client.  As I entered the clients home, I was taken aback. The entry to the home was clean, well-lit with flourishing greenery. As we walked around the home I was entranced by the beauty in each room. The décor was stunning, from the wall and accessory colors, the finely crafted furniture to the gorgeous art. Sculptures, paintings and plants where strategically placed throughout the house.  Up to that point the home had great flow, yet the client seemed uneasy and nervous. I had no idea what I would find as we entered the master bedroom.

Everything was revealed the moment we set foot into the master. As I entered I noticed this room was the opposite of the rest of the house. No window coverings, no color, no art and no plants. It was barren. We went from stunning beauty to emptiness.  Two walls had large windows and no window coverings, the top of the dresser was empty, the walls, carpet and bed were white, no art or décor to be found anywhere. There was no flow in this room. A part of her life was not in flow and this is where it showed up. There was a dog cushion in one corner of the room which proved to be the missing clue to her situation.

How would you describe your bedroom? A nourishing bedroom has good energy flow and feels comfortable. It is your sanctuary. It is easy to remember your bedroom is for the 3 R’s: rest, relaxation and romance, period.  Increase flow and improve well-being with the 3 R’s by implementing the Feng Shui Bedroom Tips here:

Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Tip #1 – Include beauty in your bedroom. Here are some ideas:

  • Open the curtains and let in natural light to bring in nature.
  • Welcome fresh air into your bedroom often by opening a window.
  • Add a live plant, they produce oxygen which supports sleep.
  • Choose colors that are soothing, add bright colors as accents.
  • Display art that supports rest, relaxation and romance. Beauty supports flow which adds to your well-being.

Tip #2 – Tidy up your bedroom. Look around, what is out of place?

  • Make your bed, put items away and straighten up your dresser and nightstand.
  • Only one book near your bed at a time.
  • Make sure the space under your bed is empty which helps energy to flow better and nourish you while you sleep.

Tip #3 – Remove electronics from your bedroom. That includes treadmills, computers, televisions, etc. The goal is to support the 3 R’s – rest, relaxation and romance. Electronics are distractions and stimulate your nervous system, making it harder to relax. Electronics also emit an electromagnetic field (EMF) which has been shown to interfere with sleep and cause health problems.

Tip #4 – Does your bed have a substantial headboard? A solid headboard attached to the bed helps to ground you as you sleep. Wooden headboards are the most stabilizing. It is best to have the headboard touching the wall which is the most supportive position.

Tip #5 – Place your bed in the best position possible. When you are in the bed you should be able to see the door without being in direct alignment with the door. This bed position allows you to fully relax when you sleep and engage in romance. You relax more on a subconscious level when the door is visible from the bed.

Back to the consultation. Do you know which tips were missing in this client’s home? All were missing except tip 2 (tidy up) and tip 3 (no electronics). As the conversation landed on the dog bed, she told me her relationship with her husband was in trouble.  She felt like she was in the dog house.

The lack of flow in the most intimate room in our home, our bedroom, reflects the part(s) of our life that are not flowing.

Use these tips to evaluate your bedroom and let me know what actions you plan to take to improve flow in your bedroom.


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Nancy Dadami is a Feng Shui Mentor, Creative Mindset Coach, and Speaker. She teaches open-minded people to live in “the flow”, unlock their potential and align with their Inner Magnificence so they can create magic in the world.

5 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips to Improve Rest, Relaxation and Romance

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