What do you really want that you have not manifested, yet? Is it a loving partner, financial freedom, radiant health, or a meaningful career?

Somehow your desires seem stalled even though you have invested your precious time and energy trying to manifest your goal.

You might think if you work harder and longer, sacrificing time for yourself that you will reach your goal.

Manifesting Facts You Need to Know

Fact #1 Manifesting is happening all the time, even when you are not aware of it. That’s right, your thoughts drive the direction of your manifestations. Like attracts like. When you are happy, generous, creative, trusting or loving you will attract more experiences that make you feel that way. The same is true for fear, worry, anger, anxiety, unfairness, or jealousy. You will attract more experiences that reflect those thoughts.

“Either way you are manifesting exactly those experiences that you focus upon.”

Fact #2 – Your feelings matter because they are like beacons calling in experiences to match those dominant feelings. If you want to manifest financial freedom, your worries about not having enough money sabotage your efforts at creating your financial freedom. You would be better off spending time feeling the joy that being financially free would give you. If you want more happiness, you ought to think about happy times, places and things. Spend time remembering joy filled times and you will have more joy filled experiences in the future. It is important to feel your feelings, just don’t get stuck there. You create a powerful magnetism to what you want when you spend 64 seconds focused on what you want.

Fact #3- Your environment matters because it tells your manifesting a story. Your space gives clues about your successes, your struggles, your feelings and your beliefs.

How does that work you might ask? It is all about “the flow” in your space. When “the flow” is moving smoothly you are supported and uplifted, making manifesting your desires easier. When you have clutter and broken items in your space “the flow” is restricted which drains you and makes manifesting what you want more difficult.

Feng Shui principles help you create “the flow” you need to manifest what you desire.

Fact #4 – “Flow” within yourself matters because it impacts your energy field. You have an energy field around you, close to your body that holds energy of what you think, feel, believe and desire. When you are in “the flow” you experience ease, intuition, wisdom, creative ideas, and synchronicity which helps you manifest what you want

Your energy field also holds thoughts about the projects you are working on, fears, worries, expectations, feelings about your family, spouse, boss, friends, money, health and relationships.

When we interact with others we add some of our energy into their energy field.

Others fill our energy field too when they interact with us. It happens when they think about us, talk about us, have feelings about us (positive and negative) or when they judge us or try to control us.

When your energy field is filled with worry, fear, anxiety, stress confusion or energy from others manifesting your desires is challenging.

Fact #5 – You can clear your energy field and make more room for “flow” and manifesting.  When your energy field is cleared regularly more of YOU shows up, without distractions, ready to create the life you want. Everything is a choice, you can believe it is possible to learn to clear your personal energy field, so you can have more of what we want, or you don’t. Remember you are manifesting all the time even when you are not aware of it.

Learning to clear your personal energy field is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself in these challenging times. The state of your energy field is one of the most powerful components of getting in the driver’s seat on the road to manifesting your dreams.


Nancy Dadami is a Feng Shui Specialist, Creatively Fit Coach, and Soul Flow Artist. She teaches creatives, spiritual seekers and small business owners to live in “the flow”, clear their energy field and align their surroundings with their intentions so they create the business and life they want.

5 Manifesting Facts You Need to Know
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