How do you usually get what you want? Is it easy? How long does it take you to manifest your desires? Do you wish there was a foolproof formula to help you create what you want? I am here to tell you there is a formula, it can be easy, and your manifestations may happen as quickly as you implement the formula.

Step One ~ Joy. Feel joy in your whole being before creating anything. My favorite ways to feel joy is: listen to music, say a rampage of appreciations out loud, walk in nature, meditate, pause to drink a cup of tea, think of something that makes me happy, and laugh out loud.  Find something that works for you.

Step Two ~ Clarity. Getting clarity about what you want. Do you know what you want? Sometimes I am not sure what I want but I know what I do not want. Often times I talk with clients about what they want and they spend a lot of time telling me what they do not want or why they don’t have it. I had a client tell me that she wanted to write a book. She talked about the book for 1 minute and spent the next 10 minutes telling me why she couldn’t write the book. “I have 3 children and I am too busy”, “I have a full time job and I am too tired at night to write”, “I don’t have any money to publish a book”, etc.  She was letting what she did not want stand in the way of what she did want… Sometimes we have to start with what we do not want before we can move to what we do want. Here is an exercise that will help you focus on what you want. Decide what life or business area you want to focus on. Let’s say you want a romantic relationship. Get a piece of paper and make a line down the middle. On the left side make a list of all the things and qualities in a partner that you do not want. An example might be I do not want a partner that is bossy, messy, cheap, lazy, watches too much TV, swears, critical, negative, closed to new ideas, etc.Make the list as long as you want, until you exhaust all the things and/or qualities that you do not want.On the right side of the page look at the first thing you wrote that you did not want and write the opposite positive quality of something you do want. An example from the relationship is I do not want someone that is bossy, What I do want is someone who listens to me and is willing to compromise. From messy to I want someone who is neat and organized. See how it works? I am telling you if you take the time to do this you will have clarity about what you want.Now focus on that list of what you want and let the other list go. Read your list out loud and make additions to it until it reflects what you really want.

Step Three ~ Give Attention. Give attention to what you do want. Your thoughts create your experiences.  If you focus on what is not working or what you do not have you stay stuck in what is. To move into what you want let go of your thoughts about what you do not want and think about what you do want.

Step Four ~ Own It. State what you want in the present as if it is already happening. For example: My partner listens to my opinion and appreciates me. Make a present, positive statement for each item on your list.

Step Five ~ Place a feng shui remedy in your space to represent your intentions. This anchors the intention into your space and acts as a place holder for it to manifest.

Step Six ~ Celebrate. You can yell yahoo, sing, tell a friend, or do something that makes you feel great.

Step Seven ~ Feel Joy. Step seven is the most fun because your mission is step seven is to feed your joy.  This is where you let go of “trying” and focus on having fun, feeling joyful, and laughing. It is this final step that determines how fast your desires manifest.

Your feelings of joy are the spark that ignites the deliberate creation process. When you are in joy your desires manifest easily and quickly. When you are in joy life is easy and flows to you.

Your most important task everyday is to do something that makes you feel joy. It could be walking in nature, listening to or playing music, relaxing in a bubble bath, quietly meditating, joyfully laughing, curiously cooking, or whatever makes you feel joyful. You get to decide what that is for you. Start with a few minutes a day and increase the amount to of time you spend in joy. Begin to look for joy all around you in your life, with family, work, friends, even your activities. Yes, even brushing your teeth. The first step in creating what you want is to be able to be in joy as much as possible.

The more time you spend feeling joyful the more you deliberately create what you want.

Go forth and create.

7 Step Feng Shui Formula for Getting What You Want

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