Imagine yourself in a place that makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and happy. You may find yourself at the beach, in a painting class, or in your living room listening to music. You know what it feels like to be in harmony.

Now imagine yourself in a place that makes you feel overwhelmed, nervous and frightened. You may find yourself on crowded public transportation at rush hour, at the doctor’s office waiting for test results or pulled over the side of the road waiting for the police officer to approach your car. You know what it feels like to be stressed and out of balance.

You just experience the power of a space.  Your body is a sensitive instrument that continually communicates with everything that surrounds you.  That is why you feel the way you do in different spaces.

Albert Einstein said, “Everything is Energy, and that is all there is to it.”

You and your home are connected. There is communication going on between you and your home in every moment.  Your home is like a mirror. What is happening in you is reflected in your home. Your stress, overwhelm or anxiety is seen in your space as clutter, the arrangement of your furniture, or electrical systems not working correctly. What is happening within your home is also reflected in you.

On a recent Feng Shui consultation my client wanted to know if he should move. He was feeling restless in his home, especially his master bedroom. After moving his furniture, he told me for the first time in 7 years he felt comfortable and nourished being in his bedroom. Now he does not want to move.

When I notice specific design details I know people may have difficulty in an area of their life or health. An example is in the master bedroom suite that includes a bathroom. If there is no door between the bedroom and the toilet the energetics indicate that one of the partners in the relationship may away due to, extensive business traveling, divorce or even death. Ihad a client with this situation and her husband traveled so much that she had anxiety about him coming home.

Your home has a flow of subtle energy moving through it which influences your feelings, thoughts and health. The flow is impacted by what I call the Fabulous Four: Beauty, clutter, broken items and furniture placement. The Fabulous Four work together with the 9 High-Priority Feng Shui Principles below to enhance your health and vitality:

9 High-Priority Feng Shui Health Principles

  1. Front Door – use your front door that is how the flow enters your home. Make sure your entrance is inviting. Keep the area clean and clutter free.
  2. Clutter – too much stuff anywhere in your home is draining to your vitality. It robs you of your time, money & health because it restricts “flow” in your body and space. It contributes to lack of focus and feelings of frustration and overwhelm.
  3. Beauty – incorporate beauty by using art you love, colors that uplift you, healthy plants or fresh flowers to brighten up your home.
  4. Doors – fix squeaky, sticking, broken doors. Doors must be able to open fully, that means nothing stored behind any doors. Doors reflect the voice of adults in the house. Are you able to speak up for yourself? Can you set boundaries easily? Are you shy? These are all possible challenges when doors are in disrepair.
  5. Electrical System – replace burned out lights and/or bulbs, repair broken outlets, eliminate overloaded plugs and illuminate dark areas in your home. The electrical system in your home reflects your nervous system. Any issues with focus, calmness, thyroid, or depression? Check out your electrical system and dark areas of your home.
  6. Plumbing System – fix leaky faucets, poor water pressure, slow draining sinks, tubs or toilets. The plumbing system in your home represents your circulatory system.  Are there any health issues with high blood pressure, heart disease, digestive problems, or urinary tract infections? Check out your plumbing system. This also includes sprinkler systems in your yard.
  7. Command Position – Do not sit with your back to the door.  Arrange your furniture so you face the entrance to the room without being in direct line with the door. This allows, you to see who or what is entering the room. making it easier for you to see opportunities or danger coming to you.
  8.  Your Stove – command position is best because you see who is entering the kitchen. If you are startled while cooking the startled energy goes into your meal. It is always best to have a positive mindset when preparing meals. The condition of the stove must be clean (all burners and oven, broiler), no covers over the burners. Your view while cooking and the condition of the stove reflect your health.
  9. Home Maintenance is Crucial – Your home reflects the state of your health. Change one area and every area is impacted

It is time to take an inventory of your home. What areas are in great condition which boosts your vitality and which areas need added beauty, repair, tidying up or a change in furniture arrangement.

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9 High-Priority Feng Shui Health Principles