How much do you know about your inner Feng Shui?  Take this quiz to find out.

Your inner Feng Shui is about the flow of chi or energy throughout your body, mind, and spirit. Your chi level, or Inner Feng Shui influences how you show up in your life in every situation.

Inner Feng Shui Fact and Myth: read each item and decide if it is a fact or a myth. The answers are given at the end.

  1. Everything is energy, and energy can be directed to flow where you want it to go.
  2. Energy follows your thoughts.
  3. Stress does not affect your Inner Feng Shui
  4. You inherited some of your chi and Inner Feng Shui from your parents before birth.
  5. When you are sick, your chi is out of balance.
  6. You can increase or decrease your chi by your activities.
  7. Your chi interacts with the chi in your home.
  8. The people you socialize with do not influence your chi.
  9. The voice of your inner critic impacts the level of your chi.

Let’s check how much you know about your Inner Feng Shui and what impacts it.  Fact and Myth? The Answers

  1. Fact: Everything is energy, and you can direct energy to flow where you want it to go in your body, mind, and spirit through your actions. Good nutrition, regular exercise, getting plenty of sleep, positive thinking, setting intentions, meditation, and prayer all uplift and direct the flow of your chi within your body, mind, and spirit. Just as eating “fast food,” sitting around, experiencing insomnia, complaining, and having no time for self-reflection or spiritual connection depletes and directs your chi downward.
  2. Fact: Energy follows your thoughts. When you think about what makes you happy, you uplift your chi and improve your inner feng shui.
  3. Myth: Stress slows down or blocks the flow of personal chi, which impacts how your body performs and how you feel. Thinking about stressful parts of your life also depletes your personal energy and makes life more challenging.
  4. Fact: You inherited some of your chi from your parents before birth, which is called prenatal chi. You are born with a level of chi, and your care and actions either sustain and increase it or deplete and decrease it.
  5. Fact: When you are sick, your chi is out of balance. Sickness and poor health are your body’s way of getting you to slow down, restore, and reflect on what you can do to improve your health.
  6. Fact: You can increase or decrease your chi by your activities. You increase your chi and harmony when you support your body, do things that make you happy, and have regular spiritual practice.
  7. Fact: Your chi interacts with your home. They work together. Winston Churchill once said, “We create our environments, and then they create us.”  When you walk into a space, it either feels peaceful or chaotic. A quiet place can make you calmer and happier; when you are happy, your home feels cozier.
  8. Myth: The people you socialize with do impact your health. If your interactions with them are fun, happy, and filled with mutual respect, their impact will be positive. If they are filled with arguments, worry, or fear, their influence depletes you.
  9. Fact: Your inner critic's voice impacts your chi in a big way. Every time you think, “I am not good enough, ” “What is wrong with me?” or “I am never going to get this right,” that voice steals your energy.

Your health, feelings, how you take care of your body, your beliefs about life, your self-talk, your spiritual practices, whether meditation or prayer, your routines, your stress level, and your happiness all impact your chi level.  Why is this important? Because you take who you are into every moment of your life.

How many facts and myths did you know? Any surprises? What do you want to know more about? Leave a comment; I want to hear from you.

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Nancy Dadami is an Intentional Creativity Guide, Feng Shui Specialist, and cheerleader for your dreams. Her passion is to empower seekers, conscious creators, healers, and entrepreneurs called to expansion, education, and freedom. This results in living the best version of themselves, creating a life of abundance, self-awareness, purpose, and inner peace.




9 Inner Feng Shui Facts and Myths

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