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One belief about Chinese New Year is that what you do on New Year’s Day sets the tone for your entire year. Do you want more happiness, prosperity, and meaningful relationships. On January 28th do something that makes you feel that way. It is a great way to set the tone for Year of the Fire Rooster. Have fun, laugh, spend time with people that matter to you. Remember your year depends on it.

Chinese New Year begins on January 28th in 2017 

9 Tips with Actions to Complete Before New Year’s Day

  1. Create space for new opportunities and good fortune to find you by clearing clutter in your in your spaces – home, purse, wallet, files, car, office and computer. Cleaning your space after clearing clutter opens you to new beginnings, opportunities, and prosperity.
  2. On New Year’s Eve empty all the trash in your space. You do not want the tone of your year to be taking out the trash all year….so get rid of it before New Year’s Day.
  3. Clean your refrigerator and fill it with your favorite healthy and delicious foods setting the tone for longevity and robust health.
  4. Hold the intention to being prosperous in the New Year. Pay off as many of your current debts as possible and pay all your current bills in full.
  5. Wear something new that is RED. It could be something that is hidden like underwear. I remember going to the store an buying red underwear – I felt fantastic wearing them because I knew they were calling good fortune to me.
  6. Flowers are symbolic of wealth and high positions in your career. Bring fresh flowers into your home – flowers that make you happy.
  7. Oranges and tangerines are symbols for robust health. Display them in a bowl in your kitchen.
  8. Feed the birds, they symbolize “good news” coming your way. They also increase the happiness chi/energy around your home or office.
  9. On New Year's Eve, perform a ceremony to let out last year's energy and any negativity hanging around. Open the front door, ring bells and say goodbye to the Year of the Fire Monkey. With a positive mindset ring the bells and welcome in the new opportunities, new beginnings, and increased prosperity. You may also add more intentions for your year. You are the one inviting the Fire Rooster and your intentions in.

Happy New Year


9 Tips to Increase Your Good Fortune in the Year of the Fire Rooster 2017

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