In part 1 you met Francine, she was struggling with procrastination in the area of her health and happiness. Have you ever wanted to get healthier and not been able to get started or started but not been able to stay with it?Read Part 1 Here

Meet Francine, a small business owner, author, wife, mother, effective communicator,  and spiritual seeker. She had solid relationships with her clients, friends and family.

There was that one area of her life that kept her frustrated because she could not get started or if she started she could not stay with it.

The doctor told her if she lost 15 pounds she would feel better, have more energy, and help her heart be healthier.  Part of her knew he was right and part of her believed she would be on the road of endless sacrificing. She just wanted to be thinner without giving up the foods that she loved.

Francine had talked about dieting but never actually made the changes that would make her happier and, healthier. She always said she would start next Monday. When next Monday arrived she would procrastinate by finding other activities to keep her too busy to pay attention to her health.

Everyone procrastinates on something. It’s important to recognize that Francine and you are not alone, procrastination is normal, and there are strategies you can embrace to get through it.

In fact, procrastination is so common that strategies have been tested and proven. Here are the top four tips to overcome procrastination from part 1 Read Part 1 here

Tip #1-  Give it Five or Ten

Tip #2 –  Find Your Why

Tip # 3 –  Work on Your Discipline

Tip #4 – Set Realistic Goals


Here are tips 5 through 9 to help you overcome procrastination Part 2

Tip # 5 – Visualize the Completed Task

Imagine you have completed the task. See it completed. Let yourself feel the feelings you’re going to feel when the task is done. How will your life be improved? How will you feel about yourself?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a big project or a small one, this strategy works.

When you can imagine the outcome, it’s easier to get started on the work.

Tip # 6 –  Make it Fun

Think about what you can do to make the task fun. Would it be more enjoyable to do it at a coffee shop?

Could you listen to your favorite music while you work on the task?

Or maybe you can enlist a friend to keep you company or help you out. Even the most boring tasks can be more enjoyable with the right approach.

Tip #7 – Positive Mindset Development

Wipe away all negative thoughts and language around the task you’re procrastinating on.

For example, if you catch yourself thinking, “I hate cleaning my desk.” You might change that to “I love having a clean desk. I feel more productive and creative when I have a clean desk.”

Then, you can focus on what is possible about the task or project and let go of the negativity.

Tip #8 –  Break Up Projects

Break up large projects you’ve been procrastinating on into smaller bite sized tasks.

Often, we avoid doing some things because we know they’re going to take too long.

You control this. For example, instead of painting the entire house, you might paint one room each month until the project is done.

You get to decide how the project is managed and completed.

If you’re procrastinating on a work project, you may not get to decide how it’s managed but you can still break it up into smaller pieces that feel more doable.

Tip #9 – Group Similar Tasks and Projects

Sometimes a task you’re putting off doing is related to other tasks. For example, cleaning your desk and updating your files are two tasks that may overlap.

When you group similar tasks and projects, it helps you be more productive. It also helps you capitalize on a productive mindset and feel accomplished when you’re finished.

One project runs into the next and you are done with that dreaded project before you know it.

How To Get Started

Look at the tasks and projects you’ve been procrastinating on both in your personal and your professional life.

One of these nine strategies is sure to help you push through and get the job done.

Identify the strategy that may work best for you and enjoy your success. Procrastination doesn’t have to derail you or slow you down.

9 Tips to Overcome Procrastination and Boost Your Confidence – Part 2

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