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Did you get new things for the holidays? When you went to put them away did you have enough room in your closet or cupboard? I got some new casserole dishes and when I opened the cupboard, there was no room. I used this 3 step process to make my cupboard beautiful and myself happy. I want that for you too.

There is still time in the Year of the Snake to shed things that no longer serve you. It is of utmost importance as we move into the Year for the Horse because the Horse does not like to be weighed down with “stuff”. Make your year easier and simplify your life.

A Feng Shui Tip For A Fantastic 2014

One thought on “A Feng Shui Tip For A Fantastic 2014

  • at 6:18 pm

    Thank you for sharing these amazing tips about feng shui, I was really looking for to these tips especially this year. I was planning to consult a feng shui master about this.

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