Look around right now, let your eyes move slowly around the room. What do you see that  inspires you? A  comfortable chair, a beautiful thank you card, or several lush plants? Do you know that whatever is surrounding you impacts your peace and well being? Are you surrounding yourself with items that you love and make you feel joyful, energized and inspired?

This lotus flower is hanging in my home office as an inspiration to me. When a friend gave it to me and explained the process a lotus flower goes through to bloom it inspired me.  The lotus plant does not grow in soil but rather in water. It grows in polluted rivers and yet it thrives. The lotus plant grows  among garbage in the river and out of the garbage and pollution it sends us t the most beautiful flower. It is a symbol for the possibility of something beautiful coming from what I might see as a difficult situation. There is always something positive that comes out of negative situation and the lotus so elegantly shows us that each time she blooms.

Here is a challenge for you. Put something that you love and makes you feel joyful and energized in your office and note how you feel when you look at it. When you surround yourself with items of beauty and joy it raises your energy andy our well being.  I would love to hear what you choose to put in your space and the changes you notice.

A Feng Shui Tip For Your Office

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