Everything You Want Is In The “Flow”

Inner Peace, Happiness, & Meaning

When you Live in the Flow you are empowered, inspired, & creative

I believe “When one person is empowered everyone is uplifted”.

If you are a Creative, Healer, Teacher, Leader, Parent or, Grandparent you are in the right place.

  • I teach you to connect to the flow because more empowered leaders are needed to save our world.
  • I guide women to discover inner peace so they can show up as their most empowered selves.
  • I helped teens flourish for 25 years. Now I coach mothers and grandmothers to live from their inner magnificence so they can empower the next generation.

Energy flows within you and around you. Your inner flow circulates with your outer flow and influences every experience. 

Learn to align and connect your inner flow with your outer flow and transform your life ~ you can control how your life flows.

When the flow is slow or stagnant your inner self is not communicating with your outer surroundings efficiently, resulting in stress, illness, loss of time or money, and poor relationships.

Some things in your surroundings you can change, like where your furniture is placed, and some you can’t, like where the bathroom is located in your home.  And a misplaced bathroom influences your health, wealth, and relationships.

Don't worry there is a remedy for everything

Hi, I’m Nancy Dadami, Flow Ambassador, Feng Shui Specialist, Medicine Painting Mentor, & Course Creator

Nancy Dadami Head Shot\

Your House tells a story about you. I am a detective and I can read your story through your floor plan and offer solutions to life's challenges.

The floor plan of your home, your land, and the placement of your furniture affect your peace of mind, joy, abundance, relationships, and health. Your floor plan gives clues to the challenges you face.  

Do you know the importance of beauty, the impact of clutter or broken items, and the influence your furniture placement has on your everyday life? Each impacts your overall flow.

Before Feng Shui, I would be working at my desk. Teachers, students, and parents burst into my office focused on their problems and demanding answers. Not even a hello, just fix this situation. Each time, I listened, offered solutions, and suggested actions. Every time I got interrupted I had to refocus and start again. Those days I started and stopped several times a day. I thought that was the life of a high school vice-principal.

After Feng Shui, I rearranged my office using BTB Feng Shui principles. The results were amazing. Teachers, students, and parents began treating me with more respect, They came to my door, paused, and asked “Do you have a minute?” The first time it happened I looked around to make sure they were talking to me.  Of course they were, I was the only other person in the office. That is when I experienced the power of Feng Shui. If this can work for me it can work for you too.

My intense stress disappeared, My productivity increased, and I felt like I had power over my workday.

As a Principal at another high school, I put Feng Shui into action in the whole school, creating productive, supportive learning environments that empowered students and teachers. Their improved success gave everyone greater confidence and self-esteem. Graduation rates increased. I knew I was on to something that creates change for people.

You can change your inner world too. That's where Medicine Painting and creativity come in. 

Friends, family, and colleagues began asking me for Feng Shui advice and referred me to others. I remember a time when I told a client to put a picture of a waterfall in his “wealth” area and a few weeks later, to his surprise (not mine), his CPA told him that he was going to get a tax refund of $6500! The money was rolling in.

Nancy with Professor Lin Yun

In 2007 I graduated from the three-year BTB Feng Shui Masters Training Program in San Francisco. Professor Lin Yun is offering a blessing mudra here to empower me to serve with integrity, love, and compassion.

I learned to read the energy of a space, techniques to help clients manifest, ceremonies to clear negative forces, sacred meditations, and ancient Chinese remedies. There is a saying in BTB Feng Shui which I have completely embraced: “There is a remedy for everything.”



Feng Shui is medicine for your home. Medicine Painting is medicine for your Soul. When combined the medicine helps you create a thriving lifestyle filled with happiness, fulfilling relationships, well-being, and inner peace.