Everytime we  move into a new home we plant trees. We have our favorites, the redwood, the fig, and the lemon which are always the first to go in. Over the years they grow and add oxygen and  good vibes to our yard and our life. Of course we plant them using Feng Shui principles so they elevate the chi for us in specific areas of our lives. Trees send their roots deep into the earth giving them a solid foundation. Their branches reach toward the sky giving them a view of the heavens. When the wind blows they are flexible enough to sway and flow with the forces being put upon them, holding steadfast because their roots go deep into the earth.

We are a lot like trees. If we are grounded and have a good foundation, knowing who we are, being connected to our Soul we too can sway with the forces of life and stand tall. I meditate, chant, and use Feng Shui activities to keep me grounded and connected to my Soul. How do you stay grounded and connected to your Soul? If you want help getting connected to your Soul contact me for Feng Shui Coaching.

Enjoy this poem by Ilan Shamir

Advice from a TREE

Stand Tall and Proud

Sink Your Roots into the Earth

Be Content with Your Natural Beauty

Drink Plenty of Water

Enjoy the View!

Advice From A Tree

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