They all started with a dream, a dream to become the next American Idol. They started as beginners, lacking experience, marketing savvy,confidence, and they looked scared in front of the TV audience.  Many of us start our businesses as beginners too.

As I watched American Idol each week I began to see the unfolding of each contestant going from having a dream to living the dream. There was something magical going on. Some contestants were improving and soaring while others were floundering and were eventually eliminated. I was curious, what was this magic? How does it happen? That is where American Idol became a great teacher for me.

There are some guiding principles to greatness in business and in life. When you live these principles you have “mojo”. With “mojo” and a plan success is easy and flows.

Here are 5 tips to help you find your business “mojo”

  1.  Know Yourself. Who are you on the inside? Each contestant started as a singer but that is not who they are. Just like I am a Feng Shui Consultant, that is not “who” I am. I am so much more and so are you. The contestants that knew who they were inside, out performed the competition. As a business person when you know yourself your clients get you and that is who they are looking for.
  2. Be True To Yourself. Are you living your authentic self or are you trying to live up to an image? Idol contestants brought who they are to the song they were singing, making it their own. Even if they sang a song from the Beatles they did it with their own style, which let us see who they are. Are you bringing yourself to your work? Connecting with people as you, not someone you think they want.
  3. Know Your Gifts. In business it is finding your niche, your specialty. Singers are usually good in a particular genre and when they chose songs in their genre they had an excellent performance. They also had great performances when they adapted the song of a different genre to their personal style. What gifts to you bring to your business and are you letting your gifts shine through your work?
  4.  Perform With Passion.  The American Idol contestants that made it into the top ranks were able to perform with passion. They let us “feel” their song. Many times I got goose bumps when they were singing. And those that could not perform with passion sounded flat and boring. When you talk about your business do you speak from your passion. And more importantly do clients and prospects feel your passion? What makes your heart sing about your business?
  5. Never give up. Sometimes an Idol contestant would have an off week and miss the passion or niche in their performance.  The top five contestants never gave up when they got negative feedback. They returned the following week more connected to themselves and performing with passion. What do you do when you when you have an off day or week? How do you get yourself back in the game performing with passion?

My business started as a dream of making difference in the world doing the work I love. How simple is that? Well, let me tell you there is more involved to success than having a dream, there is the living of the dream and finding your “mojo” sure makes it a lot easier.

American Idol Taught Me How To Find My Business Mojo

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