Do you get sick all the time? Can't seem to shake off a Yin Yang lingering illness? Or are you in the middle of a health crisis?

Your home has clues for the solutions you seek. You influence your home with color, light,  furniture placement, art and “the other stuff” you have in your space. Your home in turn influences you,  your emotions, peace of mind, and success.

Your home reflects what is happening in your life. We influence our environment and then our environment influences us. When you see things as symbolic it gives you another way to look for solutions. I have a friend that is in the hospital with acute colitis. He has pain, cramping, and nausea. Colitis is an illness of the digestive system that can interrupt your life as you have known it. When I looked at the Feng Shui of his home I was not surprised at what I found. There is a long hallway with a bathroom at the end. The hallway represents the digestive tract. A bathroom represents a drain to vital life force. When a bathroom is at the end of a hallway the force of the energy drain causes illness of the digestive system. I could see how the vital life force energy was being drained from his home and his digestive system. He has been suffering with chronic digestive problems for a few years with no real relief. Feng Shui is by no means to be used in place of medical treatment. It is a great compliment that supports medical treatment and healing. He can have a complete recovery with medical treatment, Feng Shui support and some Soul Searching questions.

Right now the medical treatment is being administered by several doctors and he is making progress towards healing. With Feng Shui remedies in place at home, when he goes home his environment will support his health instead of draining his vital energy. The only thing left to do is ask those Soul Searching questions.

When looking at his symptoms and thinking of the digestive system these Soul Searching questions come to mind: What is happening in his life that is hard to digest? What painful beliefs does he carry that won't be ignored? What behavior does he have that is nauseating him? I know as he adds the body mind connection to the medical and Feng Shui process his solutions will bring healing and vitality to him.

The bathroom hallway connection is just one way your home can be draining to your vitality and health. Want to know what areas of your home that could be draining your vitality or making you ill? Call for your personalized Feng Shui consultation and find out how to use Feng Shui to improve or support your health and well being.


Are You Missing This Clue To Your Health?

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