Stop Sabotaging Your Personal Power

Handcuffs off Freedom

Rose wanted a life filled with peace, connections, and meaning. Upon reflection, she did not feel like she got what she wanted out of her life. She felt she was not connecting with her family, friends, and workmates. She was afraid to share her opinion or questions with them. Rose felt she had to please those around her to feel worthy. As a result of this thinking, Rose often found herself in situations that made

Do You Have A Spirit Living In Your House Or On Your Land?

Hand rising from water

Fran and her husband moved into a charming cottage five months ago. They loved the quiet setting, the privacy, and the lush greenery surrounding them. After four months, something did not feel right. Fran did not know what it was, but she knew something was causing problems in their relationships. In the last four months, Fran quit her job without giving notice. Her husband decided to go to graduate school while he worked full-time, and

Here Is A Way To Check The Flow In Your Home & Why Its Important

Living Room

Is your home organized with everything in its place? Do you have too much stuff? Are your closets, drawers, or cabinets overflowing? How about your garage? Is it a catch-all when you don’t know where else to put something? Your surroundings matter.  The energy flow influences your well-being, peace, prosperity, love, and health through your home. Here is a way to check the flow in your home. Once you know this, you can improve the

Year Of The WaterTiger, Ready Or Not Here They Come

Tiger with Cub

The Water Tiger is approaching, and they are bringing a completely different kind of energy to you to work with this year. We are going from the symbol of a seedling breaking through the soil from the Metal Ox year to the crest of a big wave for the Water Tiger Year. We are at a point to make decisions, and we have to make them fast. The crest of a wave does not wait long before

The Cosmic Message That Changed Everything

hand reaching into univers

Have you ever received a “calling” to make a change in your life? Perhaps to move to a new job, change your lifestyle, or leave a relationship. A “calling” is a message you cannot ignore. Here are some ways “callings” show up: You get a message as a strong intuition that feels compelling. You know at a deep level that this is for you. A lyric in a song or a passage in a book

Feng Shui Meets Medicine Painting

shocked child

It was an ordinary day, or so she thought. She did not know that her ah-ha moment was waiting for her like a bobcat quietly crouching in the grass, focused on his prey. That is how ah-ha moments are, they rarely give you a warning of their approach. But when they arrive, it is like the light goes on, and everything makes more sense. The connection between Feng Shui and Medicine Painting caught me in

Here Is A Feng Shui Method To Adjust The Chi Of Your Health

Here Is A Feng Shui Method To Adjust The Chi Of Your Health

One of my Personal Growth Coaching clients felt general discomfort in her body and confusion in her mind. She was worried this uneasiness would be a new way of life, and she did not want that. She practiced this Feng Shui method consistently to adjust her personal Chi. She noticed her energy level improving, her thoughts becoming more positive, and her increased feelings of peace and well-being. Do you know a Feng Shui method to

Where I am from…

Red Rose

I am from the land of curiosity, creek walking, rope swings, & hiking to the old oak tree. I am from red roses and butterflies And playing jacks and laughing until I cry. I am from walks in the forest, and the sounds of redwood mulch crackling under my feet. I am from soaking in hot tubs and engaging in deep conversation I am from bold intentions, Freshly roasted walnuts, bear claws, and bergamot tea

How To Supercharge Intentions

pen writing intentions

Do you begin your day with thoughts about yesterday’s challenges? Meet Katherine, whose feelings of anxiety and overwhelm from saying yes to a family member by putting her needs last. It is maddening when she skips her self-care over and over again by agreeing to the requests of others without stating what she wants. She voluntarily gives up her self-care in silence without negotiation or compromise. Katherine never knew that setting intentions could help her