How Business Skills Make An Impact And Catchfire

Recently, I was crawling through Patagonia’s website when I stumbled upon a link about putting your talents into real action to make a positive impact.  That all sounded great to me, so I clicked and discovered a whole world of match making for business professionals like myself, who want to lend their unique skills to non-profits in need on a project basis. matches skilled professional volunteers with nonprofit organizations to help them with their

8 Simple Ways to Fine-Tune Your Mind to Stay Sharp

8 Simple Ways to Fine-Tune Your Mind to Stay Sharp

Mary couldn’t believe it was happening again. As soon as she entered the kitchen she forgot why she was there. What was it that she wanted from the kitchen? She stood there for a few minutes racking her brain trying to trigger her memory. She was sure she would remember when she got to the kitchen this time. But it was all forgotten. As soon as she walked back into the living room the item

What I Learnt From Staying Focused During Difficult Times

Life is like riding a roller coaster. Imagine yourself strapped into that car chugging up the rickety rails to the top and in an instant you are plunging down so fast your knuckles are white from gripping the safety bar, you feel your heart pounding like thunder in your chest, the wind plasters your hair against your head, and your mouth is open wide as you let out a terrifying scream. Life, just like a

A 4-Step Guide To Get More Flow

Think of a time when you were in “the flow”. It might have been like this: Your days moved easily from one activity to the next. You felt peaceful. Making decisions was easy You were positive, believing anything was possible Being happy and uplifted was natural Stress is the opposite of flow.  Think of a time when you were not in “the flow” Life may have looked like this: Your days were a struggle trying

Year of the Metal Rat – What Does He Bring You?

The Metal Rat scurried into your life on January 25th, sat on the throne as the year’s ruler and dominants the energy vibration for the year until February 12th, 2021. In the year of the Metal Rat create a vision for your life and take steps to make it happen. What do you really want for your life? A satisfying career, inner peace, creative expression, or more money. This year if filled with opportunities for

Increase Self-Awareness With Symbols

I Choose a symbol each year. As I work with my symbol throughout the year I get insights that increase my self-awareness. Often the insights are in the areas of my life that are ready to transform. Symbols have the power to open a portal into the energies of the universe. I believe symbols are portals into the possibilities of your destiny and you can incorporate them into your everyday life. The portal is a

Here Is A Technique For Empaths To Help Manage Overwhelm

Empaths hear more than the words that someone speaks. The listen at an energetic level to the tone of voice, body language, and the energy that the speaker is emitting. Many empaths absorb other people’s emotions and sometimes believe that those feelings are their own. They can absorb the physical or emotional pain of others too. Nancy Dadami is an Intentional Flow Strategist, Energy Reader, and Cheerleader for Your Soul. She teaches smart, spirited women to

3 Floor Plan Design Details That Rob You Of Inner Peace

Do you get stressed during the holidays? The preparations, the gatherings, and the aftermath often steal your inner peace. Does your home help relax you? Or does your home add to your overwhelm? The design details in your surroundings influence your feelings, your mood, and your peace of mind. Today I am sharing 3 details in a floor plan that may steal your inner peace. Enjoy and reflect on your home and what design details