Use this meditation:

· To begin any other meditation or method

· Whenever emotionally or mentally upset or unclear

 · To connect and express your own Universal Chi, Divine Mind, and Buddha-nature

1. Place your left hand over your right hand, palms up, thumbs touching, in front of your chest as if you are cradling your heart

2. Set the intention that your heart and mind are becoming calmer and soon will become perfectly calm as you chant the mantra

3. Visualize your mind is like a perfectly still ocean on a clear, calm day OR you may visualize that you are in front of a Buddha, bathed in Buddha’s light.

4. Chant the Calming Heart Mantra nine times

Gatay Gatay, Para Gatay

Para Sam Gatay, Bodhi Swaha

Gone, gone, Gone Across, Gone Completely

 Across to (the other shore of the Enlightened State, Svaha

Gate Gate, Para Gate, Para Sam Gate, Bodhi Svaha