What Everyone Ought To Know About Their Inner Critic

Think of a time when your inner voice was very critical of you for something Not knowing what you want Not being able to make a decision You Ignore taking action that you know is going to help you get to your goals You feel paralyzed by fear and can’t take action Meet your inner critic. The Inner Critic is a powerful force within that tries to keep you from changing, even if you want

You Know When a Place is “Off”

Ever feel like you could not wait to get out of a place? You know when a place feels “off”.You do not have to be a Feng Shui master to know when a home or business is screaming at you to get out of there. The question is what are you going to do about it? In today’s video I share an experience I had with my family recently that illustrates this situation. There are

Destiny Is Calling – How I Answer The Call

Nancy DadamiNancy is known for blending the energy of the outer world with the power of the inner world, creating a sacred container for inner peace, personal growth, and well-being. Nancy’s mission and commitment are to empower women in their relationships with Self and others, which she does through Creativity workshops, and Feng Shui.  “When one person is empowered, everyone is uplifted” ~ Nancy Dadami Before becoming an artist, Nancy was a high school principal

Your Soul Is Talking To You ~ Are You Listening?

I said “Yes” to the invitation without thinking.  I signed up for a Soulcollage® workshop to support my friend, Sandy. Well there was a bit of curiosity about the topic, but I was confident that rallying around my friend as she offered her first SoulCollage® workshop was my only reason to attend. I was in for a surprise! The only guideline was to get out of my head and let the images choose me. Then