Why Self-Care Is Critical To Your Well-Being

Self-care is important because you put your health and well-being first, before the needs of others. The result is that you show up in the world happier and healthier, and a happier and healthier you is able to help others from a place of fullness rather than obligation. There really is no limit to what self-care is because it’s all about what you like doing for yourself and your personality that makes you a better person,

Preventing Burnout and Fatigue

4 Women Entrepreneurs Share Tips on Preventing Burnout and Fatigue Preventing burnout and fatigue is not often discussed among women business owners, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an issue. In a recent conversation Sue Painter hosted for women entrepreneurs the term “entrepreneurial exhaustion” surfaced. As we discussed this, we realized there are at least 5 signs you’re in trouble with burnout.