I Could Not Control Myself

I charged into the kitchen, scanning the counter for anything chocolate. The craving was deep in my bell, lik a bull horn screaming to me “Chocolate, chocolate and NOW!” Has that ever happened to you? What is really going on and what does it mean to you?

Yes, It Really Happened

Have you ever been focusing on something so much that you lost track of what was going on around you? Or maybe you were curious about what was going on “over there” and directed your attention to what was happening “over there”. You guessed it, that happened to me and I have to share the story and the Soul message I received on this one with you. I walk everyday along the waterway near my

How DoesYour Bed Effect Your Health?

Question: Does where I place my bed in my bedroom have anything to do with my health? Answer: Yes, the placement of your bed affects your health in many ways. If your bed is improperly placed you may experience one or more of these symptoms: Headaches including migraines Anger Restless sleep Anxiety Heart trouble Illness along the midline of the body, digestion, nose, mouth, reproductive organs etc. Accident prone Trouble maintaining intimacy Narrow point of

The Design Detective is in…Color Me Happy

Do you know the way you have your space arranged tells a story about you?  Your choices of color, artwork, furniture, as well as the design details impact every area of your life i.e. your wealth, health, relationships,  career, and your opportunities. The story reveals what keeps you from having what you want.  As a Design Detective I “read” the clues in your space and create a blueprint for you to follow so you can

What the Design Detective Knows About Stairs In Your Spaces

The Design Detective Is In….    The design details of your home are a reflection of your mindset and the circumstances of your life. Change one thing and it changes everything.   Question: I live in a two-story house and the stairs going to the second floor do not face the front door but they are close to the front door. What does that mean? Should I be concerned?