3 Step Feng Shui Formula to Boost Your Confidence,Clarity & Peace of Mind

Today I am going to tell you the  3 step Feng Shui Formula that will bring you more Confidence, Clarity and Peace of Mind. Have your ever put yourself on hold to get your “work” done? Have you ever put your family on hold because you had so much to do and you were determined to get it all done? Have you ever thought if I just work harder or longer I will make progress

Are You Following Your Dream?

What did you want to be when you grew up? Did that dream change over time? Are you living the dream?  Often your childhood dream leads you to your purpose or calling. Sometimes your calling finds you, it is that thing you do that fills you with passion, makes you feel alive. Watch this video from Oprah’s last show, listen to her message and I will see you back here in 5 minutes. Everyone Has