Do You Have A Spirit Living In Your House Or On Your Land?

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Fran and her husband moved into a charming cottage five months ago. They loved the quiet setting, the privacy, and the lush greenery surrounding them. After four months, something did not feel right. Fran did not know what it was, but she knew something was causing problems in their relationships. In the last four months, Fran quit her job without giving notice. Her husband decided to go to graduate school while he worked full-time, and

Feng Shui Meets Medicine Painting

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It was an ordinary day, or so she thought. She did not know that her ah-ha moment was waiting for her like a bobcat quietly crouching in the grass, focused on his prey. That is how ah-ha moments are, they rarely give you a warning of their approach. But when they arrive, it is like the light goes on, and everything makes more sense. The connection between Feng Shui and Medicine Painting caught me in

Here Is A Feng Shui Method To Adjust The Chi Of Your Health

Here Is A Feng Shui Method To Adjust The Chi Of Your Health

One of my Personal Growth Coaching clients felt general discomfort in her body and confusion in her mind. She was worried this uneasiness would be a new way of life, and she did not want that. She practiced this Feng Shui method consistently to adjust her personal Chi. She noticed her energy level improving, her thoughts becoming more positive, and her increased feelings of peace and well-being. Do you know a Feng Shui method to

I Can’t Hide Who I Am Becoming, And Neither Can You

I am growing and expanding my awareness of how the world works. Insights and synchronicity happen to me all the time. Here is the embarrassing part, Up until now I have been afraid to share my expansion with you. By sharing only Feng Shui I am limiting myself, my growth and insights on life. My new insights and growth come from two new areas of study. I am in my 5th year of a clairvoyant

What Is Revealed In A “Flow” Reading Of Your Floor Plan?

Your house tells a story about you. The floor plan of your space reveals that story and the areas that challenge you, such as relationship, health, money, career or confidence problems. When I look at your floor plan with “flow alignment” eyes I can see everything that is showing up in your life, the good, great and what needs improvement. In the floor plan in the video below, you will see the design details that

Will Feng Shui In A Bedroom Help Cure Insomnia?

Margie was an emergency room nurse. She knew she was making a difference, like the time she held a woman’s hand that was terrified because she was traveling, away from home and came into the emergency room hemorrhaging. Margie was calm, held the woman’s hand, wiped away her tears, and talked with the woman until she was calm. Margie called me for help. She had was not sleeping through the night. Often, she would wake

The 6 Flow Controllers Everyone Needs To Know

Your home tells a story about you. Yes, you heard me right. It tells a story about your financial situation, your relationships or lack of them, it tells a story about your health, family, career, and your children. How does that happen? It is all about flow and energy. What is happening in your life is reflected in your floor plan. Just like you see a reflection of yourself in the mirror, you can see

Everything You Want Is In The Flow State

The flow state holds the key to everything you want. Peace of mind, prosperity, fulfilling relationships, a meaningful career, vibrant health & happiness can easily be yours when you dwell in the flow. What is the Flow State? The flow state happens when your personal energy vibration, desires, and surroundings are aligned. Enter the state of flow when you are happy, confident, and creative, everything seems to go smoothly, you are grateful, you can laugh

5 Ways Feng Shui Vision Boards Help You Reach Your Dreams

There are people waiting for you to tell your story and share the gifts only you have. Telling your breakthrough story inspires others to believe they can transform too. Don’t make them wait too long. A Feng Shui Vision Board helps you align your dreams and intentions with your surroundings, to magnify your ability to reach your dreams. Do you have a dream? Are you living your ideal life? Is there something that seems to