5 Communication Styles: Do You Know Who You Are Dealing With?

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Each of us has many roles in life. You may be an artist, parent, significant other, friend, entrepreneur, healer, or lover of life. When you know the five communication styles, you can identify your style and the style of the people you are dealing with. Robin watched her friend with envy. The other woman was an entrepreneur, and new opportunities came her way daily. The same friend also had a fulfilling marriage, close relationships with

Master Your Morning Routine To Boost Productivity, Inner Peace & Happiness

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Your morning routine can boost productivity, inner peace, and happiness. Imagine starting each day with clarity, purpose, and joy. A thoughtful morning routine can offer this reality. The key lies in intentional actions that nurture our bodies, stimulate our minds, and uplift our spirits. Dedicate the first hours of your day to practices that nourish you and boost your productivity and sense of peace and happiness. “Your first ritual that you do during the day

Strategies For Beating the Procastination Gremlin

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Procrastination is a challenge we all face, especially in our fast-paced world. It’s the gremlin that lurks in the shadows of our to-do lists, whispering justifications for delay and promises of “later.” Yet, as we all know, “later” often leads to missed opportunities and increased stress. Today, we’re focusing on strategies to beat procrastination and foster a culture of action within your business. Understanding procrastination is the first step toward overcoming it. It’s not about

Do You Need A “Creativity Makeover?”

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As a guide and mentor for creatives, healers, and entrepreneurs I understand the ebb and flow of the creative process. You may find yourself staring at a blank canvas or computer screen with no clue how to tap into your creativity. Other times you may feel uninspired, afraid of failure, or burned out. You may ask yourself do I need a “Creativity Makeover”? Let me share with you the “Creativity Makeover “journey of Sarah a

5 Fears Blocking Your Success, Happiness, & Inner Peace and What To Do About It

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Fears block your success, happiness, and inner peace. Fears, struggles, and challenges are part of a life that everyone faces. Imagine your life as a lush, vibrant garden full of beauty and potential. Notice there are weeds in your garden, and they represent your fears. Although your fears may not be visible, they rob you of success, happiness, and inner peace. Addressing and transforming your fears is essential to reach your full potential and enjoy

10 Simple Habits That Support A Successful Fitness Routine

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Brenda stared at her reflection in the gym mirror. Her once-toned arms weren’t so tight anymore. The late nights building her business had taken their toll. But today, something ignited a spark – a midlife epiphany, a decision to reclaim her health and vitality. Brenda, the online entrepreneur who built empires from scratch, was about to embark on a new conquest: conquering her fitness. This wouldn’t be a crash course or a fad; it would

Self-Love A Pathway to Personal Power and Inner Peace

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Emily is an artist, entrepreneur, and a deeply empathetic soul. Her journey, rich with emotion and ambition, is shadowed by self-doubt and a yearning for external validation. Emily’s days are filled with creativity and building her business. Her life is filled with opportunity and endless potential, yet her reluctance to fully embrace her unique essence holds her back. Before she began her transformative path of self-love, Emily’s world is overwhelmed by her empathy. She feels

4 Steps To Create A Powerful Personal Vision Statement

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In the heart of a bustling city, Chris, an artist; Maggie, an entrepreneur; and Hazel, an empath, are each lost in the maze of their ambitions. Chris, the artist, was surrounded by vibrant paints, blank canvases, and ideas filling his mind, yet he did not know how or where to begin. His mind jumped from one idea to another without acting on them. Maggie, the entrepreneur, had opportunities to expand in many directions, yet she

5 Self-Care Ideas When You Are on a Budget

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5 Low to No Cost Self-Care Ideas When You’re on a Budget   Developing a self-care routine doesn’t mean you have to treat yourself to expensive luxuries and spend a lot of money. True self-care is more about listening to your mind, body AND budget and doing what works for you. It’s about showing yourself the love that you so freely give to everyone else and making the time to put yourself first. There are

Here Are Five Benefits of Implementing a Consistent Self-Care Routine

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Consistency is the secret to self-care benefits. Consistent self-care allows you to be the best version of yourself. Self-care is simple. It’s all about tuning in to your needs – mentally, emotionally, and physically – and doing things consistently to take care of yourself. It’s about setting boundaries on your time and energy and putting YOU first. It is okay to say no to requests that drain you. When was the last time you slowed

How Tiny Habit Tweaks Create Big Results

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Crystal wakes up in the morning, her mind racing with a list of the tasks she wants to accomplish that day. She checks her email and social media while she waits for her coffee to brew. Then, she is off to work in her home office. Crystal is the kind of person who doesn’t think about her routines or habits. She wishes she was more productive and healthier. She knows some of her habits are