How To Use Daily Affirmations To Create Inner Peace

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Daily affirmations are positive statements you repeat to yourself. Affirmations have the power to change your attitude. You may have heard that our thoughts shape our reality. In this article, you will learn how to use daily affirmations to create inner peace. By choosing positive affirmations, you increase positive changes in your life. Affirmations have roots in Vedic traditions and mantras, Buddhist practices, Christian Mysticism, and Shamanic traditions and are still used today. Affirmations help

Do You Need A Mood Makeover Today?

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Creativity can lift your mood, expand your problem-solving skills, and bring you inner peace. You may want to ask yourself if you need a mood makeover. When you practice creativity regularly, you find opportunities for insights, self-discovery, and personal transformation. I found a class that captured my attention, and I did not think about it; I just signed up immediately. I took a painting class despite having no experience or formal training in painting. My

A Journey To Inner Peace – Embracing The Dragon’s Flight

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My friend and colleague Janice Dugas wrote a post I want to share. It’s about the significance of her stamp-collecting in preserving life’s moments.  I know you will like it. A Journey To Inner Peace As the wheel of time turns to the Year of the Dragon, we find ourselves standing at the threshold of a year symbolized by one of the most influential and mystical creatures in cultural lore. The dragon, a beacon of

Master Your Morning Routine To Boost Productivity, Inner Peace & Happiness

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Your morning routine can boost productivity, inner peace, and happiness. Imagine starting each day with clarity, purpose, and joy. A thoughtful morning routine can offer this reality. The key lies in intentional actions that nurture our bodies, stimulate our minds, and uplift our spirits. Dedicate the first hours of your day to practices that nourish you and boost your productivity and sense of peace and happiness. “Your first ritual that you do during the day

7 Keys To Boost Confidence, Happiness & Well-being

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As creatives, healers, and entrepreneurs, you navigate unique paths filled with challenges and opportunities. To thrive in these roles, building practices that nurture your creativity, support your healing practice, and advance entrepreneurial success is crucial. Follow these seven keys to build a reservoir of confidence, happiness, and well-being. Consistency is essential. The Seven Keys To Boost Your Confidence, Happiness, and Well-being: Mindful Presence: Cultivate presence through mindfulness practices such as meditation, deep breathing, or mindful

Do You Need A “Creativity Makeover?”

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As a guide and mentor for creatives, healers, and entrepreneurs I understand the ebb and flow of the creative process. You may find yourself staring at a blank canvas or computer screen with no clue how to tap into your creativity. Other times you may feel uninspired, afraid of failure, or burned out. You may ask yourself do I need a “Creativity Makeover”? Let me share with you the “Creativity Makeover “journey of Sarah a

5 Fears Blocking Your Success, Happiness, & Inner Peace and What To Do About It

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Fears block your success, happiness, and inner peace. Fears, struggles, and challenges are part of a life that everyone faces. Imagine your life as a lush, vibrant garden full of beauty and potential. Notice there are weeds in your garden, and they represent your fears. Although your fears may not be visible, they rob you of success, happiness, and inner peace. Addressing and transforming your fears is essential to reach your full potential and enjoy

Self-Love A Pathway to Personal Power and Inner Peace

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Emily is an artist, entrepreneur, and a deeply empathetic soul. Her journey, rich with emotion and ambition, is shadowed by self-doubt and a yearning for external validation. Emily’s days are filled with creativity and building her business. Her life is filled with opportunity and endless potential, yet her reluctance to fully embrace her unique essence holds her back. Before she began her transformative path of self-love, Emily’s world is overwhelmed by her empathy. She feels

Navigating the Holidays When You Don’t Feel Like Celebrating

Navigating the Holidays When You Don’t Feel Like Celebrating

Michelle planned for her holiday family gathering like she did every year. She cleaned her home, purchased holiday lights, and created a delicious menu. But in the middle of the celebration, Michelle had to excuse herself. She went into the bathroom and started sobbing. Her heart was raw from the loss of a loved one, and she was having trouble feeling happy. What was usually a celebration was colored by the overwhelming pain she felt.

Peaceful Holidays: 12 Stress-Free Strategies

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With its sparkling lights and joyful music, the holiday season often carries a less talked about companion: Added stress. Eight in ten Americans say the expectations and events around the holidays increase their focus, and many say it causes them to get less sleep. That might include you. It’s the time of year when our calendars overflow with commitments, and our to-do lists stretch longer than Santa’s. Getting caught up in overdoing, overthinking, and over-expecting

9 Feng Shui Tips For Home Office Success

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Imagine stepping into your home office and feeling an immediate sense of calm and peace. Your mind was once cluttered with distractions, but now you are laser-focused on what needs to be done. Ideas flow effortlessly, and tasks that once seemed overwhelming are manageable. With Feng Shui, your home office transforms into a space of creativity and productivity. The energy around you fuels your passion, which helps you achieve your goals enthusiastically. Isn’t it frustrating

Living on Purpose: Finding Inner Peace and Success

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Do you wonder what your purpose is? Do you ever feel like you’re putting in all the effort, but success still seems hard to reach? Whether you’re hustling as an entrepreneur, climbing that corporate ladder, or starting an online business, sometimes, it’s not about working harder but finding your life’s purpose. Knowing and living your purpose can transform your journey from struggle to success. Finding your purpose is like discovering a magic key that aligns