Embrace The Power Of The Wood Dragon Year: Discover Its Significance And Capture Opportunities

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One of Wood Dragon Year’s powers is innovation—a time for new ways of thinking and creating. We are transitioning from the yin wood rabbit to the yang wood dragon. It is like going from the humble beginnings of the seedling, representing yin wood rabbit energy, which is nurturing, introspective, and quietly growing beneath the surface. The transformation of the seedling into a towering tree symbolizes the emergence of the yang wood dragon energy, which is

Yes, It Really Happened

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Have you ever been focusing on something so much that you lost track of what was going on around you? Or maybe you were curious about what was going on “over there” and directed your attention to what was happening “over there”. You guessed it, that happened to me and I have to share the story and the Soul message I received on this one with you. I walk every day along the waterway near

4 Steps To Create A Powerful Personal Vision Statement

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In the heart of a bustling city, Chris, an artist; Maggie, an entrepreneur; and Hazel, an empath, are each lost in the maze of their ambitions. Chris, the artist, was surrounded by vibrant paints, blank canvases, and ideas filling his mind, yet he did not know how or where to begin. His mind jumped from one idea to another without acting on them. Maggie, the entrepreneur, had opportunities to expand in many directions, yet she

Here’s How You Can Unlock Your Soul’s Messages

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Have you ever felt an undeniable urge to do something, even though it made no sense then? Maybe you tried to ignore the urge. Maybe you tried to talk yourself out of it. What would happen if you decided to listen and go with it? Well, let me tell you, it’s like the Universe decided to give me a little push when I stumbled upon intuitive painting and the Certified Creatively Fit Coaches Training Program.

Inner Peace, It’s The Magical Elixir Of Life

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Picture this: a tranquil mind, a calm heart, and a radiant spirit. It’s that sweet spot where you feel centered, content, and ready to conquer the world with unwavering confidence. But why is inner peace so important to your well-being? Well, let’s share my thoughts. When you find that peaceful sanctuary within yourself and in your home, everything changes. It’s like a superpower that unlocks your true potential. You become resilient in the face of

Change The World For The Better By Doing This One Thing

I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the wind tossing my hair as I let the road lead me. I was relaxed and happy as thoughts of seeing my friend danced through my mind.  I love driving my convertible with the top down feeling the gentleness of nature surround me like a cocoon.  Oh, here is her street, I stopped to make a left turn. Even though my turn indicator

27 Ways To Increase Your Luck In The New Year

It was a sunny day and I was driving to meet a friend. I stopped and waited to make a left turn. I had my turn signal blinking but the boy driving behind me did not notice that I was stopped. Wham, I was hit from behind. My car was thrust forward about 25 feet, my glasses ended up in the back seat, and I was stunned, shaken and not quite sure what had happened.

School Principal Gets Feng Shui Boost And Everyone Benefits

An elementary school principal  had insomnia, ate on the run and did not have a self-care routine. She  worked late into the evenings, ignoring her needs, to get things done. She was stressed and exhausted. She knew she could not keep up this pace and be the leader she needed to be for her teachers, staff and students. That is when I got the call. In my years as a teacher and principal I saw