Peaceful Holidays: 12 Stress-Free Strategies

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With its sparkling lights and joyful music, the holiday season often carries a less talked about companion: Added stress. Eight in ten Americans say the expectations and events around the holidays increase their focus, and many say it causes them to get less sleep. That might include you. It’s the time of year when our calendars overflow with commitments, and our to-do lists stretch longer than Santa’s. Getting caught up in overdoing, overthinking, and over-expecting

The First Step To A Better World Begins With You

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The first step to a better world begins with you. Do you know the benefits of being kind to yourself? Being kind to yourself or others can improve your overall well-being. When did you last focus on treating yourself with kindness and self-compassion? Personal Benefits of Kindness The benefits of kindness are more than feeling good. Kindness affects the well-being of your body and your mind. Here are some benefits of being and showing kindness

How You Can Create the World You Want to Live in By Being Kind

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Kindness and compassion are more important than ever in a time of political unrest and disagreement. People worldwide seem to be more divided in their beliefs, leading folks to become more polarized, isolated, and disconnected. A positive, hopeful mindset is more difficult to achieve. More kindness and compassion among people could genuinely go far in making a difference and allowing people to unite more fully. “We cannot do great things on this earth, only small

Change The World For The Better By Doing This One Thing

I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the wind tossing my hair as I let the road lead me. I was relaxed and happy as thoughts of seeing my friend danced through my mind.  I love driving my convertible with the top down feeling the gentleness of nature surround me like a cocoon.  Oh, here is her street, I stopped to make a left turn. Even though my turn indicator

She Who Hears the Cries of the World

Kuan Yin

You can see her face almost anywhere in the world. It is said that she is the Goddess of Compassion and is held in high regard not only by Taoists and Buddhists but also by many outside these religions. Kuan Yin knows no religious boundaries. Statues honor the miracles of Kuan Yin in temples, businesses, and homes.  She is the expression of loving compassion, the one who will come to your aid, the one who