Yes, It Really Happened

holding glasses out and looking down the steet

Have you ever been focusing on something so much that you lost track of what was going on around you? Or maybe you were curious about what was going on “over there” and directed your attention to what was happening “over there”. You guessed it, that happened to me and I have to share the story and the Soul message I received on this one with you. I walk every day along the waterway near

Where I am from…

Red Rose

I am from the land of curiosity, creek walking, rope swings, & hiking to the old oak tree. I am from red roses and butterflies And playing jacks and laughing until I cry. I am from walks in the forest, and the sounds of redwood mulch crackling under my feet. I am from soaking in hot tubs and engaging in deep conversation I am from bold intentions, Freshly roasted walnuts bear claws, and bergamot tea

Are Prosperity & Health Influenced by Trees in Your Yard?

The design details of your home are a reflection of what is going on within you. Your choices of color, artwork, furniture, as well as the design details of your space tell a story about you. The story they reveal is about your mindset, the positive and negative. As a Design Detective I help clients create spaces that support the changes they desire.  Question: I want to trim some trees in my yard. They are

Advice from a Sea Turtle

Today I opened the top drawer of my desk and found a bookmark with bold letters, Advice from a Sea Turtle. I wanted to share it with you. II will be back after I do some reflecting on the advice. Enjoy Advice from a Sea Turtle Swim with the Current Be a Good Navigator

Advice From A Tree

Everytime we  move into a new home we plant trees. We have our favorites, the redwood, the fig, and the lemon which are always the first to go in. Over the years they grow and add oxygen and  good vibes to our yard and our life. Of course we plant them using Feng Shui principles so they elevate the chi for us in specific areas of our lives. Trees send their roots deep into the earth giving them a solid

The Barking Dog

We were gliding effortlessly through the water of the resevoir. I was sitting in the front of the canoe, the place for an up-close view of nature. I began to notice the birds floating  beside us, others diving into the depths of the water, and other birds taking flight like a rockets from the water’s surface. The trees on the shore looked so small, like miniature trees in a model train landscape. It was peaceful on the water. My senses were being

Taking A Stand

As I put my left foot into the canoe I could feel the canoe rock and slide away from the dock. My right foot was solidly planted on the dock, my left foot in the canoe, and my hands firmly grabbing the gunnels of the canoe. I was between two worlds with one foot in each. I was about to leave the security, steadiness, and safety of land for the constant movement and change of water. The only sure thing I

Earth’s Bounty ~ SoulCollage®

The Earth is shining through in all her splendor. Sunflowers, bees, and sailing ships. Yellow everywhere…the color of the earth element. Yellow the color of summer time Yellow the color of the third chakra…the chakra of personal power.

The Sound Of Nature

Nature has a way of rejuvenating me and uplifting my chi. The vibes that are present in nature easily transport me to a peaceful place. Sometimes just remembering the sound of birds chirping or waves crashing on the shore gives me the feeling of inner peace. Taking time to breathe and remember a “nature moment” is a powerful way to nurture myself. You can feel the power of  “nature moment” right now by following the link below. What an amazing experience.