Create Resilience, Connection, And Community

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Participating in a Red Thread Circle can create resilience, connection, and community. A Red Thread Circle is a gathering of people who believe connection, support, and community are essential for happiness and well-being. The Red Thread offers an opportunity to live intentionally. Participants are motivated to share personal stories about the hidden world within and our lives in the world. The teaching of the Red Thread invites us to imagine ourselves as leaders and guides

7 Keys To Boost Confidence, Happiness & Well-being

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As creatives, healers, and entrepreneurs, you navigate unique paths filled with challenges and opportunities. To thrive in these roles, building practices that nurture your creativity, support your healing practice, and advance entrepreneurial success is crucial. Follow these seven keys to build a reservoir of confidence, happiness, and well-being. Consistency is essential. The Seven Keys To Boost Your Confidence, Happiness, and Well-being: Mindful Presence: Cultivate presence through mindfulness practices such as meditation, deep breathing, or mindful

Yes, It Really Happened

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Have you ever been focusing on something so much that you lost track of what was going on around you? Or maybe you were curious about what was going on “over there” and directed your attention to what was happening “over there”. You guessed it, that happened to me and I have to share the story and the Soul message I received on this one with you. I walk every day along the waterway near

5 Self-Care Ideas When You Are on a Budget

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5 Low to No Cost Self-Care Ideas When You’re on a Budget   Developing a self-care routine doesn’t mean you have to treat yourself to expensive luxuries and spend a lot of money. True self-care is more about listening to your mind, body AND budget and doing what works for you. It’s about showing yourself the love that you so freely give to everyone else and making the time to put yourself first. There are

Here’s How You Can Unlock Your Soul’s Messages

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Have you ever felt an undeniable urge to do something, even though it made no sense then? Maybe you tried to ignore the urge. Maybe you tried to talk yourself out of it. What would happen if you decided to listen and go with it? Well, let me tell you, it’s like the Universe decided to give me a little push when I stumbled upon intuitive painting and the Certified Creatively Fit Coaches Training Program.

Where I am from…

Red Rose

I am from the land of curiosity, creek walking, rope swings, & hiking to the old oak tree. I am from red roses and butterflies And playing jacks and laughing until I cry. I am from walks in the forest, and the sounds of redwood mulch crackling under my feet. I am from soaking in hot tubs and engaging in deep conversation I am from bold intentions, Freshly roasted walnuts bear claws, and bergamot tea

3 Ways Feng Shui Helps You Say Yes To What You Want

What are you saying yes to? Growing your business, building wealth, creating more fulfilling relationships, living a healthy lifestyle, focusing on personal growth, peace of mind, or living a life with meaning. You can have whatever you say yes to. But there is a secret and that is what I want to share with you here. I discovered the secret on my way to opening to my yes. This is the thing we trick ourselves

What Are You Saying Yes To?

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What are you saying yes to? Better health, more abundance, fulfilling relationships, more happiness – a meaningful life, or a successful business. It all starts somewhere, and it starts with what you say yes to. What you are currently doing is your YES. We trick ourselves into believing we are living what we say yes to because if we are not actually doing it we are not really open to our YES. When I looked

How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything

I walked into the classroom with a grocery bag full of oranges, my briefcase and a curious mind. Today was going to be different. I was conducting an experiment. Today they would experience themselves with a new awareness. They were about to discover how they approach the world. Imagine thirty teen agers from 15 to 18 years old talking, laughing and some not noticing that I was in the room, yet. As I settled I

5 Manifesting Facts You Need to Know

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What do you really want that you haven’t manifested yet? Is it a loving partner, financial freedom, radiant health, or a meaningful career? Somehow, your desires seem stalled even though you have invested your precious time and energy in trying to manifest your goal. You might think that you will reach your goal if you work harder and longer, sacrificing time for yourself. Manifesting Facts You Need to Know Fact #1—Manifesting happens all the time,

Personal Power: Where Do You Stand?

Do you ever feel like you are working hard and not getting anywhere? Wonder if you will find true happiness/success? Confused about what you should do next? Chances are the reason you feel that way has something to do with your Inner Feng Shui. The Law of Flow applies to your personal chi/energy as well as your spaces. Chi is the life force energy that moves through all people, places and things. When your personal