Your Soul Is Talking To You ~ Are You Listening?

I said “Yes” to the invitation without thinking.  I signed up for a Soulcollage® workshop to support my friend, Sandy. Well there was a bit of curiosity about the topic, but I was confident that rallying around my friend as she offered her first SoulCollage® workshop was my only reason to attend. I was in for a surprise! The only guideline was to get out of my head and let the images choose me. Then

Ready To Meet Your Cast of Characters?

Your Cast of Characters, those universal archetypes that influence your thoughts and actions, Are you ready to meet them and discover the Soul messages they have for you? We invite you to join us in the Archetypal Soul Messages journey. Uncover your inner voice and wisdom so you can: Gain unique perspectives and insights into your life journey. Discover the Universal Archetypes and how they impact your life identify self-sabotaging behaviors and thought patterns Tap

Do You Know Your Cast of Characters Within?

Have you ever noticed that you have a cast of characters within? Characters that show up at different times to guide, direct, or even criticize you?   You know that small voice within, sometimes it shows up as guilt or love or responsibility. Carl Jung referred to these characters as archetypes, universal energies that when uncovered help us understand why we do what we do. Each archetype has qualities that we can tap into in times

How Long Does the Grip of Perfection Last?

Perfection used to have a tight grip on me, causing me to second guess every decision. Is this the right move? Did I do it right? Did I do enough? Am I enough? Do you find yourself questioning your decisions? Or maybe your worry about getting it right prolongs the process of making decisions.

Stop Missing The Messages From Your Soul

Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom with SoulCollage® II  ~Soul Whispers It is an easy, intuitive process of self-discovery. A way to honor all of who we are and who we are becoming.   In the SoulCollage® I ~ Create It workshop you experience your inner wisdom by creating 5” x 8” collage cards, listening to your Soul in the process.  This 2 hour workshop SoulCollage® II ~Soul Whispers is designed to take you deeper into

Ready To Tame Your Inner Critic?

Have you ever been a witness to your own behavior? It is like watching yourself act as if you are separate from your actions. I was in a workshop creating on an art project. I noticed that part of me was getting frustrated because I was taking too long, the project was not turning out how I wanted, and my work did not look as good as other people’s projects. It was if there was

Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom with SoulCollage® II ~ Soul Whispers

SoulCollage® provides a way to hear our Soul’s messages. It is an easy, intuitive process of self-discovery. A way to honor all of who we are and who we are becoming. This workshop is designed to take you deeper into the messages your Soul has for you by focusing on “reading” the SoulCollage®cards. You will be gently guided in a process used to answer your personal questions using SoulCollage® cards. Bring your SoulCollage® cards, if you

Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom With SoulCollage®

Your soul reveals messages to you through images. What does it want you to know? Free Your Inner Artist Awaken Your Creativity Access Your Inner Wisdom for Answers to Life’s Questions You will be introduced to the elements of SoulCollage®. Guided through the process of intuitively choosing images, making your own small collage, and participating in a powerfil exercise using your collage.

Earth’s Bounty ~ SoulCollage®

The Earth is shining through in all her splendor. Sunflowers, bees, and sailing ships. Yellow everywhere…the color of the earth element. Yellow the color of summer time Yellow the color of the third chakra…the chakra of personal power.

You Only Have What You Give

I had to have a talk with myself and tell my  thinking self that I was giving it a break, sending it outside to look around.  I had some things to do and I would be back for it later. As I quietly entered the room I could see hundreds of images, of various sizes and shapes, spread all over the floor. The images represented a variety of ages, genders, ethnicities, cultures, and some were of action