5 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips to Improve Rest, Relaxation and Romance

Recently, I was working on a Feng Shui consultation with a client.  As I entered the clients home, I was taken aback. The entry to the home was clean, well-lit with flourishing greenery. As we walked around the home I was entranced by the beauty in each room. The décor was stunning, from the wall and accessory colors, the finely

How DoesYour Bed Effect Your Health?

Question: Does where I place my bed in my bedroom have anything to do with my health? Answer: Yes, the placement of your bed affects your health in many ways. If your bed is improperly placed you may experience one or more of these symptoms: Headaches including migraines Anger Restless sleep Anxiety Heart trouble Illness along the midline of the

The Design Detective is in…Color Me Happy

Do you know the way you have your space arranged tells a story about you?  Your choices of color, artwork, furniture, as well as the design details impact every area of your life i.e. your wealth, health, relationships,  career, and your opportunities. The story reveals what keeps you from having what you want.  As a Design Detective I “read” the