Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk, sometimes referred to as “wheels of light”.

The energy present in each chakra affects us on all dimensions, the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental. These energy centers act as a gateway between dimensions such as the energy generated from emotional activity influencing the functions of our physical body. Or the energy generated from stress, and emotional state, does affect our physical body with nervousness, anxiety, etc. This interaction, in turn, influences our actions in the outside world and shapes our interactions with others.

Chakras are affected by our thoughts, beliefs, foods, exercise, meditation, alcohol, drugs, medications, music, chanting, and our actions. Each chakra vibrates or spins at its own frequency depending on the balance of that chakra with the entire system. If one chakra is over active or under active it impacts the functioning of every other chakra. When our chakras are out of balance we feel out of sorts, depressed, overwhelmed, overjoyed, sick, and cranky or even body pain.

Our chakras vibrate at a specific frequency and attract experiences, people, places, and things that match that frequency into our lives.

There are seven major chakras or energy centers which are located   along our spine. Each chakra has its own color, vibration, sound, and set of characteristics.

Chakra Color Location Areas Affected
1 Survival Center Red Base of Spin Family, survival
2 Social Center Orange 2 inches below naval Money, Sex, Power
3 Solar Plexus Yellow Solar Plexus Self-esteem
4 Heart Center Green/Pink Heart Emotion, love, foregiveness
5 Throat Center Sky Blue Throat Will, choice, self-expression
6 Third Eye Center Indigo Between eyebrows Intellect, wisdom
7 Transpersonal Center Violet Top of Head Relationship to Divine

The more you live from your authentic self and cultivate your “chi”, the greater chance you have to live in harmony and balance with all life.

Crystal Light Therapy uses color and vibration to balance each chakra so that it can work in harmony with the whole system, creating the opportunity for you to function at your best.

Chakra Basics

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