FS - Your home

Do you know the key spots in your home that impact your prosperity, health,  relationships, & your well-being?

You can create a thriving lifestyle by implementing Feng Shui Principles & Flow Alignment Techniques

In-Person and Zoom Sessions ~ Space Clearing & Blessings ~ Placement of Furniture & Art 

Align With Your Intentions, Peace of Mind & Well-being

Residential Consultation 

  • Assessment of your home with a focus on your life priorities
  • Recommendations for Feng Shui adjustments, furniture, and art placement
  • After our intake, I research the best Feng Shui adjustments for you and prepare for your consultation. The consultation with you 2 to 3 hours depending on the size of your home and the findings.
  • In addition to the fee prepare 9 red envelopes for the consultation. Mailed to me before the consultation. This will be discussed in the intake call
  • The residential fee is $250 an hour

Due to Covid-19, consultations are virtual via zoom or phone unless everyone in your home or business is fully vaccinated.


Space Clearing

The sacred space within you and around you gets clogged with outside energies from other people and places. The people that lived in your space before you leave energy in the home which needs to be cleared so you get a fresh start and infuse your home with your intentions. You know that has happened when you feel overwhelmed, drained, scattered, or cranky.

Every time someone talks about you they are leaving the vibration of that talk in your personal space.  If nothing is done to clear these outside energies they build up and continue to impact the amount of energy you have available for yourself and what you want to do.

Perhaps you are struggling in a relationship, you have a health challenge, or you are confused about your Soul's calling. Is it possible that your personal energy space is clogged up with the energy and thoughts of other people?

A space clearing brings you back to yourself by clearing the foreign energies in your body field and/or your home.  Is it time to take your space back?

Space clearings are done virtually or in person.


Nancy’s presentations are uplifting, entertaining and inspiring.. Nancy brings her expertise as a Feng Shui professional and former High School Principal to her presentations. Nancy will speak at your event!

Available Topics:

What Is Your Home or Office Trying To Tell You? –

Your space tells a story about you and what is holding you back. Your choice of home and design details reflect your beliefs and thinking. If your home or workplace is calm, secure, and pleasing to the eye, you experience these qualities in your life. On the other hand, if your space is messy, hectic, and disorganized, your life will also reflect that turmoil. Imagine being able to evaluate your current space, make secret Feng Shui adjustments, and create a life full of abundance, improved relationships, and more fun.

The Impact of Feng Shui on Your Health –

Vibrant health is influenced by more than regular exercise and good food. Your beliefs, surroundings, and your "stuff" affect your health too. Imagine having a healthy body and more personal energy to use any way you choose. Discover the design details in your home or workplace that drain you of your vitality, confidence, and joy. Learn the secret messages to vibrant health that are hidden in your home or workplace.

Feng Shui for the Classroom - Wisdom Spaces –

The classroom or homework environment affects a student’s ability to understand, learn and thrive. When students are successful they have more confidence, self-esteem, and are eager for more success. A few simple changes create a nurturing space. There are Feng Shui techniques and remedies to support positive, productive, and empowering learning environments.

How Feng Shui Impacts Your Business Success –

What does your office space look like? Do you know the placement of the furniture, color choices, and artwork or accents create the atmosphere for your failure or success? Even the style of furniture you have in the office contributes to your ability to make money and attract clients. When I used the Feng Shui Secrets for my office I was more confident, organized, productive, and prosperous.

Natural Instincts for Extraordinary Results using Inner Magnificence and Archetypes -

What "you" are you taking into every situation and relationship you have. The inner you and outer you are impacted by your mindset and influence every decision you make. Archetypal patterns hold the key to the real you.  When you discover the 5 archetypes involved in your decisions, goals, and performance you hold the key to extraordinary results.

Each speaking presentation is customized to meet your group’s specific needs and desires. Other topics are available at your request.