All she needed was a ticket and she could climb aboard and claim her seat for the ride of a lifetime. Once inside she noticed the gigantic windows on all 4 sides, it was a panoramic view of the crowd below. She could see the future from her seat above it all.

She was ready to step into the future and enjoy the adventure.

It was 1959 and she was a passenger gliding along on the first monorail, to operate daily in the Western hemisphere. She was in Disneyland in Anaheim, California riding the monorail.

The last time the world experienced an Earth Pig year was in 1959.

Look how far we have come. From the monorail to rapid transit and now self-driving cars.

The energy of the Earth Pig in 2019 will be similar to the energy of 1959, just an updated version.

The Earth Pig year officially began on February 5, 2019.

What does that mean for you?

Imagine you just found out you have a guest coming to live with you for a year. The Earth Pig is moving in, suitcases and all.

Want to know something about the Earth Pig? After all, he going to be influencing your inner peace, abundance, relationships, health and career all year long.

What energy does the Earth Pig bring to you this year? Here are a few clues. The story of the great race.

“The Jade Emperor decided to have a great race among the animals to determine which animals would be honored and included in the Chinese Zodiac. The animals were excited with the idea of being chosen among the top twelve. The rat and the cat made a deal to ride on the back of the ox and leap off when they got close to the finish line to be first to cross the finish line and win a spot in the Chinese zodiac. During the race, the rat startled the cat and the cat fell into the river and was washed away. That is why there is no cat in the Chinese Zodiac. Some say that is also why the cat does not like the rat to this day.

The animals came across the finish line in various ways. The rat jumped off the back of the ox and ran across the finish line first. Then came the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, ram, monkey, rooster, and dog. The Jade Emperor was standing at the finish line congratulating each animal as they crossed and claimed their position in the Chinese zodiac. The Jade Emperor looked around, there were only eleven animals. He wondered who would be number twelve. Along came the pig, he was the last to cross the line. The Jade Emperor was surprised he was last considering the pig’s speed in running. The Emperor asked the pig why he came in last.

Listen to his answer. You will get insights into the kind of energy the pig brings you this year.

The pig replies, “I would have been here sooner, but I was hungry along the way and decided to stop for snacks. After eating I was tired and took a nap.” The Jade Emperor knows this is the nature of the pig, no sense in scolding him, and welcomes him into the zodiac with the others.”

The pig has no trouble taking care of him or herself without guilt. It is his nature to make sure his needs are met. The pig does not care what others think about his self-care habits. He has no desire to be first, even though he is a fast runner. His snack and nap could have caused him to lose the race and that did not matter.  He told the truth to the Jade Emperor, honesty is a strong characteristic of the pig.

What energy does the pig bring? The quality of these characteristics is readily available to you this year when you listen to your Soul messages and intend to incorporate them into your life. These are the characteristics of the pig:

  • Honest to self, first and then others
  • Kindness to self and others. It is easier to be kind than mean
  • Self-indulgence, life is short and there is no time to waste without enjoyment
  • Generous and happy to share what they have with others
  • Loves to have fun. Put this in big red letters. Life must be fun
  • Positive outlook, they look from the perspective that life is great, and everything will work out
  • Creative in all aspects of life. Art, travel, problem-solving, innovation, and love
  • Strong sense of responsibility especially for family

Which pig characteristics describe how you operate with yourself and the world?

Do you have pig characteristics you want to incorporate or improve this year?

This is the year to become more aware of yourself, your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

The energies of this year are a combination of the earth element and the pig characteristics.

What energy does the earth bring? These are the characteristics of the earth this year:

  • Movable, flexibility to stay centered with all that is happening around you
  • Practical, keep it simple and nothing too extravagant
  • Reliable, do what you say you are going to do
  • Satisfied with the choices you make, otherwise, make new choices until you are satisfied
  • Nourishing to self and others. (The nourishing sounds a bit like the pig).

Taking care of yourself appears in characteristics of the earth element and the pig, which means this is a major area to pay attention to this year.

This is the year to create a life and business to sync up with your soul by listening to your Soul messages.

“Life is a dance between heaven and earth, the ebb and flow of life”

How do you create flow in your life and business this year?

Flow is about energy, what you see and what you feel.

Everything you want is in the flow: inner peace, abundance, fulfilling relationships, a meaningful career, vibrant health, and happiness.

I have been a Feng Shui practitioner for 24 years and discovered there is an inner flow and an outer flow. It is not enough to get your outer surroundings in order if your inner landscape is cluttered with limited thoughts and beliefs.

Inner Flow

Inner flow is that place where your soul, inner magnificence, and intuition connect. The Soul is mysterious because it seems to be hidden from you. Yet it is available for you when you learn to listen to its messages.

As an intuitive transmitter, it is always giving you feedback, even when you are not listening.

Your desire to live a life that matters, to mean something to some, and make a difference are calls from your Soul.

Outer Flow

Outer flow is about energy and your surroundings. It is visible energy in your space, your furniture is visible energy. It is also about invisible energy present in your space, your emotions are invisible energy

Have you been in a room with someone and you could feel their emotions of love or anger without them saying a word? Emotions create an energy vibration in your spaces and can be uplifting or draining to your flow.

Flow happens when the inner flow of your soul, inner magnificence and intuition is aligned with the outer flow of your physical and energetic surroundings.

When you sync up your life and business with your Soul you enter a state of flow. The Pig is here to help you do just that this year.

Benefits of Flow

  • Inner peace
  • More freedom, fun, and flexibility
  • Confidence to take the right actions
  • More of what you want
  • Live a life that matters, has meaning and is fulfilling physically, emotionally and spiritually

Why Chinese Astrology?

The energy of the Earth Pig is upon you, whether you believe it or not. The characteristics of the earth element and the pig are easy to access this year. When aligned with them and your flow it is easier to create a life and business to sync up with your Soul.

You have a unique energy signature based on these four times of your birth: year, month, day and hour, also known as your 4 pillars. Each pillar has an animal and element associated with it which reveal your destiny blueprint.

When you know the characteristics of your 4 pillars you have a better understanding of yourself, your strengths and challenges, and your needs in relationships, careers, health, abundance, and family.

When your inner flow, outer flow, earth pig energy flow is aligned it is simple to create a life and business to sync up with your Soul.

See the Create A Life & Business to Sync Up with Your Soul in The Earth Pig Year Webinar here 

Nancy Dadami is a Feng Shui Practitioner, Soul Flow Mentor, and Intuitive. She teaches creatives, empaths, and small business owners to live in “the flow”, so they can create their Life & Business to sync up with their Soul.

Create A Life & Business To Sync Up With Your Soul During The Earth Pig Year
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