Destiny or Choice?

Do you believe in destiny or choice?  The Four Pillars uses your birth hour, day, month, year and city to give you information about your self.your relationships, your wealth,boy at crossroads your health and your life. What you di with that information is your choice. Imagine having greater understanding of yourself, family, friend and lovers. Your personal essence, strengths, challenges and essential needs are evident in your blueprint.

The Water Snake year began on February 10, 2013. How has your life been since then? I am hearing many people talking about their challenges. Challenges with money, health, and relationships. One of the themes for a Water Snake year is transformation. Transformation means changing something from what it is to something new and different. So your relationship may be going through an overhaul or you may have to get a handle on your spending, or your health may require more attention. Are you ready to  spend time with yourself and ask those hard questions?  “Who am I and am I living a life that reflects who I am?”, “Do I show others the real me?”,, “What do I really want?”, “How am I showing up for myself in my life?”, “Do I have any time for reflection or am I working all the time?”.

The Snake demands it. Yes, the Snake is about introspection and personal growth.So you can go willingly or you can go fighting all the way, but the Snake is taking you on a journey of introspection none the less.

On April 5th we enter a Dragon month in a Snake year. The Dragon is about transformation and bold action, looks like things will heat up in April.

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Destiny or Choice? A look at Chinese Astrology

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