She had just gone to bed, turned out the light and it started again.  Her bed was moving sideways, it was not an earthquake. She lay in the dark trembling. Who would believe that her bed had moved with no one in the room? They would think she was crazy.She was going to have to tell someone because it kept happening and she couldn't take it anymore.

His 3 year old daughter said “Daddy tell the boy to go away, he always comes when I am playing”. The dad looked around and could not see anyone.  This was not the first time his daughter had told him about the boy. He began to wonder what was going on in his house.

They always felt uncomfortable in one bedroom in their house and did not know why. It was difficult to breathe in there and all they wanted to do was get out of that room.  They did not give it much thought until friends were coming to visit and would be sleeping in that room. They were not sure what to do about it, they always got that feeling of not being able to breathe in that room. How could someone sleep in there?

He had tried everything. His health was not getting better which made it difficult to work. He was tired and felfeng shui roomt sick most of the time. He had no idea that there was a draining energy force in his home.

The first woman started to think that something like a spirit might be in her bedroom. The thought of that was more frightening than the bed moving, but she had no other explanation.  She remembered other things that had happened that didn't make sense either.  Like the time she arranged five books on the kitchen table and in the morning two of the books were in the bathroom. One time she thought she saw someone watching her. She turned quickly and no one was there. Another time she was out in the garage doing laundry and a picture hanging on the wall near her began to swing back and forth. Nothing else in the garage was moving. Another time she smelled smoke in the living room. She thought there might be a fire in the house. She checked everywhere and found nothing burning.

Has anything like that ever happened to you? It is more common than you think. Your home is filled with invisible energy. Energy from everyone that has lived there before, everyone that has visited there and everyone that is currently living there.Each situation is unique, yet all have something in common. Many times a spirit gets stuck in your home or office. Most times they are ready to go to the light/heaven but don't know how to get there. Somehow they missed the call when they left their body. They need help to take their next step. Sometimes the spirit is of a dark nature, causing havoc for one or more of the people in the space. A trained Feng Shui Practitioner clears light and dark spirits from your space bringing you more vitality, clarity, prosperity and peace of mind.

The quality of the energy in your home and office is critical to your livelihood and well being. A clear space creates more ease and flow in your life.

Each of the people above were clients that had an Energy Space Clearing. They were relieved to discover they were not crazy. The first woman finally got a good nights sleep with no more unexplained events. The dad reported that the boy did not bother his daughter anymore. The couple could easily breathe in the room and their guests had a great night's sleep. The man with health problems got a diagnosis from the doctor and began a treatment plan that gave him more energy and less illness.

Do you have any strange or unusal events or feelings in your house? Do things happen that you cannot explain. Maybe you see, hear, or smell things that you know are not caused by you. It is possible that you may also have a spirit in your house?

A Feng Shui Energy Space Clearing is designed to clear your home and/or office, release blocks that hold you back and create a place for what you most desire. Are you ready to clear your spaces and bring more ease and  flow into your life?

Do Things Happen In Your Home That You Can't Explain?

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