Fran and her husband moved into a charming cottage five months ago. They loved the quiet setting, the privacy, and the lush greenery surrounding them. After four months, something did not feel right. Fran did not know what it was, but she knew something was causing problems in their relationships.

In the last four months, Fran quit her job without giving notice. Her husband decided to go to graduate school while he worked full-time, and their dog passed away. Three substantial changes made her wonder if the energy of her home was contributing to her situation.

Your home always reflects what is happening in your life. Makes changes in your home and watch the changes in your life.

Fran called me for a Feng Shui consultation and space clearing.

 I meditate and go into my energy space to do an energy reading for the space and the people living there.

I detected a spirit on the land in her backyard.

A Native American elder was present on the land. Surprisingly, that part of the yard was barren. Not a tree, bush, or weed. It had been that way since the original owner lived there.

The Native American spirit told me he had been on this land since his tribe lived there. After his death, he stayed there to protect the sacred land of his people. He was afraid the land would be abused by people that did not understand its sacredness of this land.

He and his ancestors lived on the land in this area when he was a young boy. They lived in harmony with the land and animals. When they planted theirTepee crops, it was a sacred process, and when they took an animal, they gave thanks. They loved the land and considered it to be sacred ground.

Many years later, the land was divided into plots, and houses were built everywhere.   He told me, “Not everyone treats the land with respect and honors the gifts the land provides.” That is why he was the protector of the land.

I asked him if he would accept a ceremony honoring and protecting the land. He knew this was the time to turn over the protection to Fran. He agreed that he would join his ancestors after the ceremony. And leave Fran in charge.

During the ceremony, the Native American began to cry. Tears were running down his face. He had waited so long for acknowledgment of his people, and now he knew the land would be cared for and respected. He was overwhelmed with joy.

As I finished the ceremony, I saw him moving up the hill to join his ancestors. Now he was at peace and free.

It was a moving ceremony for Fran and me.

Fran said she wanted to make the area a sacred space for meditation, prayer, and ceremony. She was excited to know that the Native American trusted her to protect and love this land.

After the clearing, Fran and I went inside the cottage to begin our Feng Shui Consultation.

Fran was given Feng Shui remedies to improve relationships now and in the future. Remedies for the marriage relationship, their professional working relationships, and family relationships.

The Native American’s presence was in the relationship area of the lot. Releasing him created space for relationships on all levels to flourish.

Spirits I have worked with

Spirits exist even if you do not see them.

Spirits can be on the land, in the house or business, or attached to a human.

Sometimes people hear them coughing, mumbling, or laughing. 

I feel a tickle in my throat when spirits are present. Others smell smoke when there is no smoke present.

Spirits stay on earth after they die for a variety of reasons. In the case of the Native American, he wanted to protect the sacred land.

Some spirits do not realize that they have died and are stuck in the space. They do not know how to move on to their highest good. Space Clearing helps to release them.  Spirits that have been stuck are children, elderly people, suicide victims, ancestors, and energies from divorce, bankruptcy, illness, and depression.

Other spirits attach to humans and use the human’s energy to feel good.

This is how it happens – More Info about Spiritsspirt

We all have an energy vibration. When you are happy, your vibration is higher than when you are angry.

Spirits have a low vibration.

Your vibration depends on your emotions, physical habits, and surroundings.

The low vibration emotions are anger, depression, grief, sadness, despair, stress, and overwhelm.

The physical habits that are low vibration are drinking alcohol, using drugs, abusive behavior, gossip, bullying, and violence.

The low vibration in your surroundings is clutter, dark, dingy rooms, a room where death or suicide occurred, a room where violence happened, a room with design problems that do not let the energy flow freely.

When your space has a low vibration, you attract spirits to be in your space.

When you have low vibration, you attract spirits to attach to you.

What can you do to keep yourself at a high vibration?

  • Take care of your health
  • Do not use alcohol or drugs
  • Manage your emotions
  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Start a creativity practice – take a painting class
  • Drink room temperature water
  • Get rest
  • Practice gratitude and kindness
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Do what you love
  • Make sure your space is clean, clutter-free, and well-lit. Open the windows and let fresh air in.
  • Arrange your furniture, so energy flows smoothly through your space.
  • Clean the entrance to your home.

Space clearing is like creating a new blank canvas.

When a spirit is released from the land, home, or business, it is a joyful time because they are moving on to their highest good. They are free.

Before the space clearing, the canvas is covered with paint. That paint influences what you can create. It takes up space and impacts you whether you know it or not.

You can put your intentions, desires, prayers, sound, and light to create the life you want.

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Nancy Dadami is a Feng Shui Consultant, Medicine Painting Mentor, and Course Creator.  Her passion is to mentor seekers, conscious creators, and visionaries called to expansion, education, and freedom. Resulting in living from their Inner Magnificence, creating a life of beauty, self-awareness, meaning, and peace of mind.

Do You Have A Spirit Living In Your House Or On Your Land?