The energy in your living space has a flow, unique to you and how you have arranged your environment.

Everything you have in your space either boosts flow or drains flow. You can influence flow by using Feng Shui principles and the Law of Flow.

The goal of Feng Shui is to create  flow around and through your space with ease and harmony thereby creating a supportive and stress free environment for you.

The first principle of Feng Shui is to create flow throughout your space.  The Law of Flow gives a recipe of 4 steps to follow to create that flow LINK

Where does flow begin? At the #1 Feng Shui Hot Spot in your space.

Your front door is the #1 hot spot of your home. This is where the energy flow enters your space. The conditions of your entrance and your front door determine if you have maximum flow or minimum flow in your space.

Step #1  –  begins with your outside entrance. Your porch, landing or entrance to the building.  An inviting entrance is ideal for creating maximum flow in your living space.

What are the conditions at the entrance ?

  • Is it neat and clean or is there debris, dirt, old shoes at the entrance?
  • It the entrance tidy or do you have “stuff” scattered near the door?
  • Is there good lighting at your entrance or is it dimly lit?
  • Are there plants, statues, or water features at your entrance? If so are they in good condition?
  • If there is a doorbell, is it working properly?

A scan of the entrance is either inviting or repelling. If it is inviting, the flow of energy is entering at full measure. If the entrance is repelling the flow is weak. You can create an inviting entrance with lighting, healthy plants, statues or a water feature,  a working doorbell and a clean and tidy entrance.

Step#2 – Your front door is the gateway for flow to enter your home. Consider these questions:

  • How does your front door look and operate?
  • Is your front door clean or can you see dirt and hand prints on it?
  • Does it open smoothly without sticking or squeaking?
  • Do you enter your home through the front door or another door?

When the front door opens the flow enters. As flow enters your home it is influenced by  the first thing you see, beauty, clutter, broken items and your furniture placement.

When you open your front door what is the first thing you see? A beautiful plant, a treasured piece of art, bills stacked up on your table, or a burned out lamp?  Stand at your front door and notice what you see first when you open the door. Make a note of it. The Law of Flow follows these rules:

  • Where your eyes go the flow follows.
  • The first thing you see draws flow to it. Is the place you see first positive and uplifting?
  • When you enter your home you are transitioning from the outside world into your private inside world.
  • The first thing you see influences how you feel in your home
  • Beauty increases flow and causes feelings of peace, well-being, and joy.
  • Clutter slows the flow and causes feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and confusion.

Your entrance and your front door maximize or minimize flow to your home. When your space has maximum flow you are empowered, confident and have peace of mind. Your home nourishes and replenishes you so you can be your best self.

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If you found this article helpful, send it to a friend. I want to hear from you so leave your comments or questions below. Let me know what you discovered about your entrance, front door and flow.

Nancy Dadami is a Feng Shui Specialist, Intuitive, Speaker. She teaches open-minded people to get in the flow so they can magnetize what they want, build confidence and thrive.

Do You Know The #1 Feng Shui Hot Spot In Your Home?

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