Have you ever noticed that you have a cast of characters within? Characters that show up at different times to guide, direct, or even criticize you?   You know that small voice within, sometimes it shows up as guilt or love or responsibility.

Carl Jung referred to these characters as archetypes, universal energies that when uncovered help us understand why we do what we do.

Each archetype has qualities that we can tap into in times of need such as:  counselor, mother, father, teacher, healer, critic, and warrior to name a few.


Today I want to share one of my archetypes with you.

Meet “The Explorer”. Here is our communication:

I am one who:

loves adventure

is carefree

loves adventure

follows my heart

trusts my path

has faith in my journey

loves learning

lets my spirit soar

is free to have fun

trust “the way” is there and unfolds for me

takes risks

looks for guidance from nature and the divine

is confident in exploring

can see the vistas in front of me

follows my inner compass

enjoys the feel of nature beneath my feet

lets joy bubble up from within

I use the SoulCollage process to create archetype cards and receive the hidden messages they have for me.

If you are interested in learning more about archetypes or SoulCollage watch your inbox, information is coming soon.

Do You Know Your Cast of Characters Within?

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