woman barefoot kicking wavesCreativity can lift your mood, expand your problem-solving skills, and bring you inner peace. You may want to ask yourself if you need a mood makeover. When you practice creativity regularly, you find opportunities for insights, self-discovery, and personal transformation.

I found a class that captured my attention, and I did not think about it; I just signed up immediately.

I took a painting class despite having no experience or formal training in painting. My inner critic started questioning my decision, “Why are you taking a painting class? You are not an artist?”

All I know is when my intuition calls me, I listen.

The world of creative expression opened wide and welcomed me in. A new adventure began.

The class was about the journey of exploring on the canvas, not the finished painting. My journey was filled with fun, insights, and wonder. In the end, I painted a lotus flower that held my dreams for the future.

I was thirsty for more. Immediately after that, I signed up for the Creatively Fit Coaching Program because I wanted to discover more about myself and learn how to teach others the transformative power of this painting style.

Think of the canvas as a portal to receiving your intuition's messages, which I call “soul messages.”

The paintbrush is your magic wand to a mood makeover and the kingdom within. Paintings have several layers, and the first layer is all about playing. It is freedom to explore. Try mixing colors, using an old credit card to spread paint around, or dabbing paint on with your fingers.

How Your Brain Benefits

As you put the paint on the canvas, you create new neural pathways in your brain. Your brain is setting a path for a new pattern of change. Old ways of perceiving are expanded. Your mood may suddenly lift, your stress calms and your passion for life is renewed. Painting is the first step in your mood makeover.

Personal Painting Practice

The benefits of regular painting are cumulative. The more regularly you paint, the more new neural pathways are created, and the easier it is to elevate your mood and get into a state of inner peace that lasts long after your painting session.

The secret is to develop painting practice, a time set aside regularly to paint. Even 10 minutes done regularly works. This results in continual playfulness, expansion, happiness, and inner peace.

A Portal To Possibilities

Marcy believed that she was not creative. She had no idea how to hold a brush or put paint onto the canvas. After talking to her, I realized she was skeptical yet curious. Marcy decided to take a risk and attended the “Paint Your Soul’s Desire” course.

At first, she struggled, trying to do it “right”. There is no right or wrong on the canvas. As she painted, she began to loosen up and experimented with color and larger movements, pushing paint around the canvas. Soon, she was smiling and playing with abandon. Marcy started a new brain pattern and believed she could be creative.

Often, insights and answers to your struggles emerge when you are on the canvas. You may get ideas for healing perfectionism and procrastination, adding more fun and joy to your life, and sticking with a healthy diet or a new routine.

The Power Radiates

Often, the beginning layers of a painting have intentions and sacred symbols written on the canvas, adding positive energy to the painting.

When you hang one of these paintings in your home, it radiates that positive energy into your space twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

When you look at your painting, it reminds you of your intentions and your journey.

Your new painting makes your home a sanctuary that continuously nurtures you.


I am Nancy Dadami, a Certified Creatively Fit Coach, Intentional Creativity Guide, and Feng Shui Specialist—some claim I am a Cheerleader for their dreams. I invite you to join my community of creatives, healers, and entrepreneurs who are expanding their abundance, self-awareness, purpose, and inner peace. Visit my website, https://nancydadami.com/, and discover inspiration, knowledge, and the realization that your creative expression matters.

Do You Need A Mood Makeover Today?

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