There are some people that always seem happy, and it is fun being with them. I feel happy just being around them. On the other hand there are some people that complain or are angry about everything and it is difficult being with them.
When I am happy, or joyful, my energy is positive, uplifted and I am sending out “good vibes”. On the other hand when I am angry, or stressed, my energy is negative, draining and I am sending out “bad vibes”.
Vampires suck the vital life force out of their victims. Energy vampires do the same thing. What are energy vampires? They are the thoughts, feelings, and events that drain us. Our anger, stress, and worry deplete our energy just as much as being around negative people or events.

I can always tell if energy vampires have visited me when I am complaining, angry, or upset. The first thing I do is interrupt the flow of negativity by listening to music, going into nature, or moving my body. Then I check out my own thinking and feelings. What am I thinking and talking about? Is it positive, happy, uplifting, or am I mostly complaining, negative, and stressed?
The best way for me to release energy vampires is to focus my thoughts, speech and actions on what I want. Yes, what is it that I want? The Law of Attraction states that I get what I think and talk about. I have to ask myself what am I  thinking and talking about?  Am I  spending most of my time and energy on positive, uplifting thoughts and conversations or am I  complaining, angry and draining my own energy?You can take an inventory of the people you spend time with and the activities you do too. Are they supportive or draining?
A decision to do things differently can turn things around for all of us. Began thinking about what you want and how you want to be. Visualize what you want, see it, see yourself in the picture, and feel the emotions of having it. This will bring you more of what you want and less of what you don't want and the energy vampires will be around less and less.



Energy Vampires Drain Your Life Force

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