Have you ever had an Ah Ha experience? The kind that catches you by surprise and gives you a great insight to how the world works?   I had an Ah Ha experience the other day at the gym, of all places.  I strolled over to my favorite treadmill, the one that has a big window overlooking the pool and neighboring hills. A peaceful scene, nature and the rhythm of people swimming laps. I stepped up and got the treadmill moving while I plugged into my ipod. I listen to inspiring, uplifting music while I walk. My intention is to be in the zone when I finish.  The combination of the endorphins released during exercise and the vibe of the music works every time.

There I was walking and listening, getting into the groove when someone got on the treadmill next to me and started running at full speed. That doesn't normally bother me but this guy was slamming his feet down with each step. Thump, thump, thump. The noise was so loud I could not hear my music. When I reached for my ipod to turn up the music the magic ah ha arrived. “OK, I will turn up the volume on my ipod to drown him out”. I reached for the ipod to turn it up that's when I realized I had a choice. I could focus on the guys noisy feet slamming on the treadmill and get myself an attitude or I could turn my ipod up and focus my attention on my intention and music. And then I got another ah ha…..all of life is like that. With each event that happens to us we can choose where to put our focus, on the annoyances or on our goals. I now think of this as the “Focus Principle”.  Here is a real life example: A friend called to tell me that he was very upset because he had to go in for some medical tests, the doctor had found something in a routine exam that concerned her. My friend was worrying that he might have cancer, his fear was increased by the fact that he had a close friend die of this very cancer a short time ago. I had been talking to him about my experience at the gym and was able to say to him “This fear you a feeling is very much like the pounding on the treadmill, it won't make things better for you to focus on that, instead put your focus on doing something that makes you feel better.” When he thought of it like that, he found it easier to choose another focus. (Here is my disclaimer, I would not expect someone to ignore what is happening in their lives and at the same time I don't think it is helpful to worry about something that we have no control over. In both cases the situation was short term situation.)

The “Focus Principle” applies to Feng Shui too. Do you have something in your home that annoys you? That gift that someone gave you that you don't like but you keep just in case they come over? The papers on your desk you keep meaning to organize? The placement of your  furniture that stops good energy flow?  Interestingly enough many people don't see the annoying things in there spaces because they have become so used to them being there.  Research has shown that after 21 days we do not see most things in our surroundings, we become blind to them. The energy of the annoyance is still there but we are not aware of them because they have been around so long that we do not see them anymore. Unfortunately, annoyances drag you down and  block you from reaching your goals.

Take an honest look around your bedroom, what is on the dresser, in the closet, in the drawers, under the bed, on the chair, on the nightstand, in the window sill, and hanging on the walls? What do you have in there besides bedroom furniture and clothes? Anything in your bedroom that is annoying you and blocking the flow of good energy coming to you? Do you have good Feng Shui working for you? Is it  time to focus on a Feng Shui Makeover and create the life you desire?

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