The flow state holds the key to everything you want. Peace of mind, prosperity, fulfilling relationships, a meaningful career, vibrant health & happiness can easily be yours when you dwell in the flow.

What is the Flow State?

The flow state happens when your personal energy, vibration, desires, and surroundings are aligned.

Enter the flow state when you are happy, confident, and creative. Everything seems to go smoothly. You are grateful, you can laugh easily, and your thinking is clear.

There is no flow state when you are angry, depressed, worried, confused, and stressed. Or you also feel like everything is difficult, nothing is going your way no matter how hard you try, or you blame others for your circumstances.

Here Are 2 Crucial Concepts From the “Law of Flow”

There is inner flow and outer flow. It is not enough to align your outer surroundings if your inner landscape is cluttered with harmful thoughts, a negative attitude, and limiting beliefs.

Inner Flow

Inner flow is where your body, mind, soul, and intuition connect and align.

You influence your inner flow through the food you eat, exercise routine, sleeping habits, thoughts, words, and time for self-care.

The soul appears to be mysterious because it seems to be hidden from you. Yet, it is available when you learn to listen to its messages.

Your soul is designed to keep you healthy on all levels, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

It is an intuitive transmitter that always gives you feedback, even when you are not listening.

Your soul is the loudest, most relentless part of your inner being. It makes you restless about why you are here.

Your desires to matter, mean something to someone, and make a difference are called from your Soul.

Meditation and self-care routines support your inner flow.

Outer Flow

Outer flow is about energy and your surroundings or environment.

It is about visible energy in your space, such as a desk, and the invisible energy present, like your emotions.

Have you been in a room with someone, and you could feel their emotions of love or anger without them having to say anything?

Emotions are present even when no one speaks.  Feelings create an energy vibration in your space that can be felt, whether uplifting or draining to your flow.

When you move or add items to your surroundings, you change the outer flow too. Outer flow depends on the alignment of the visible and invisible energies in your spaces, and that is where Feng Shui can be your secret weapon to get your outer flow aligned.

The Flow State

Alignment is what it is all about. Sync up your inner flow with your outer flow and enter the flow state.

You know when the flow is lacking in your life by the way you feel. If you feel fear, worry, hesitation, and warnings about a current situation, you are not in the flow.

Intuition speaks to you through your gut feelings. You may recognize it in a toxic relationship, a stressful job, or exhaustion. Intuition gives you clues when something is not quite right.

In the flow, messages also come to you from your intuition. Feelings of excitement, comfort, safety, and trust, especially when wondering if you should take on a new project, help a needy friend or stand up for yourself in a relationship. Intuition also gives you clues when something is right.

There are benefits to following the clues that lead you into your flow state.

Benefits of the  Flow State

  • More freedom, flexibility, and fun
  • Peace of mind
  • More ease and grace
  • Confidence in making the right decisions
  • More of what you want
  • Live a life that matters, has meaning, and is fulfilling physically, emotionally & spiritually.

When you sync up your life and business with your inner and outer flow, you enter the sacred space of the “Flow State”, where everything you want resides.

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Nancy Dadami is a Feng Shui Practitioner, Soul Flow Mentor, and Intuitive. She teaches creatives, lovers of life, and small business owners to live in “the flow”, so they can create their Lives & Businesses to sync up with their Souls. Visit her website

Everything You Want Is In The Flow State

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