I have to share this process with you because you may find it as useful as I did . This morning I got a piece of paper and made a list of all the people, places and things that I am grateful for in 2010. You as part of the Feng Shui Community were on the list. I want to thank you for our connection and your support in 2010. It means a lot to me.
I also prepared a list of all the things that had happened in my life this year, the positive and negative. I gave thanks to all of those experiences. Tonight I will put that paper in the flame of the fire as I say thank you and farwell. A small ritual to honor this past year.
Staring at the blank paper with the question “So, what do I want to put in my life for 2011?”. I let my imagination go, I wrote down everything, no editing allowed. Personal, business, family etc. When I finished and  began to organize the list  I realized it fit nicely into the areas of the Feng Shui Bagua..(family, wealth, fame, partnership, children, helpful people, career, knowledge, and health).

It was a powerful experience. Tonight I plan to supercharge my intentions and send them into the New Year with another ritual using incense, mantras and sound.
I hope you take a few minutes to write down your gratitudes for 2010 and your dreams for 2011, empower them with ritual and send them into the universe to do their magic.
Happy New Year
May all your dreams come true
Farewell to 2010 and Welcome to 2011

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