Corn Husk Dolls
 I have lived my whole life with feelings of freedom right here in this beautiful country, America. I did not think about freedom much until it was time to vote, or someone's rights were violated, or I saw oppression on television. I took my freedom for granted. I have delveloped a keener awareness of freedom, what it means and who has it and who doesn't.

Recently I traveled to Central America and visited four countries: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize. Countries that exposed me to a way of living that changed my life forever. It made me appreciate the bounty this country has to offer and the freedom we have everyday.
It was in Honduras that I met these girls. They were eager to show me their corn husk dolls. They were hoping I would buy at least one. You see they survive by selling corn husk dolls. The women and children of their village make and sell these dolls, trying to earn enough money to buy food. They walk a mile on dirt roads to town everyday to sell their dolls. When we went to their village we were invited into a a one room home.There is no running water, no electricity, and they cook over a wood fire. Seventeen people live in the one room which has a tin roof, dirt floors, and walls made of dried mud. When it gets dark they have no light so they go to bed. The rainy season lasts five months. I wonder how they walk the mile to town in the mud.

Now when I think of my freedom I feel such gratitude for this wonderful country, my individual freedom, the freedom of my family and friends, the freedom of the people of this country, and my opportunities to pursue happiness.

Feelings of Freedom

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