How do you get what you want? Do you buy it, borrow it, or work hard for it? Does somebody give it to you? Are you tired of waiting to get it? Do you think that if you “try” harder you will get what you want?

One thing I have found is that “trying” harder doesn’t get me what I want and sometimes I am so caught up in the “trying” that I don’t realize that I am doing it. The energy generated in “trying harder” is draining to my mojo. Trying harder also distorts my perspective which drives me into stress.

Take a journey with me to one of the places I go when I need to rejuvenate my perspective on things. Taking time to do this has made all the difference in creating what I want in all areas of my life.

I wiggle through a small opening in a circle of giant redwood trees. Entering the inner circle I can feel their magnificent, power and presence surrounding me, making me feel strong and vulnerable at the same time. I am in the company of giants. The smell of cool, damp air swirls up inside my nose as a calm peaceful feeling washes over me. I reache out to touch the rich rust colored bark and let the dry rough texture sing to my fingertips. Upon a closer look I can see a community of small bugs and cob webs living in the rusty valleys. As I look up I can see that each tree is standing tall, reaching toward the heavens. This circle  a magical place.  I fell grounded in the earth and soaring toward the heavens at the same time. A moment of pure joy.

It is the feeling of  joy that jumpstarts the deliberate creation process. When you are in joy your desires manifest easily and quickly. When you are in joy your personal energy/chi is elevated. Elevating personal chi is the first Feng Shui step in deliberately creating what you want.

Your most important task everday is to do something that makes you feel joy. It could be entering a circle of giant redwood trees,  walking in nature, listening to or playing music, relaxing in a bubble bath, quietly meditating, joyfully laughing, gracefully swimming, curiously cooking, or whatever makes you feel joyful. You get to decide what that is for you. Start with a few minutes a day and increase the amount to of time you spend in joy. Begin to look for joy all around you in your life, with family, work, friends, even your activities. Yes, even brushing your teeth. The first step in creating what you want is to be able to be in joy as much as possible.

You are creating all of the time by your thoughts and feelings. If you deliberately seek joy then you will create more joyful experiences. When you fall into negative thoughts or feelings pause, acknowledge them and then ask yourself “what can I do or think that will bring me feelings of joy?” The more time you spend feeling joyful the more you deliberately create what you want.

Go forth and practice being in joy. I would love to hear how you are doing with it. The next article will look at step 2 in the Feng Shui Formula for creating what you want.

Feng Shui Formula for Creating What You Want

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